🏡 Our Living Room & Toy Tour 🌈 (Article Furniture Review!)

We moved into our first home in September! I hope you enjoy taking a first look at our living room set up!

Checkout what was featured in this video!:
Loveseat – http://bit.ly/2B3P3as
Chair – http://bit.ly/2ApAY5F
Ottoman – http://bit.ly/2B4lky4
Rocker – https://www.charliecrane.fr/collections/transats-levo/products/transat-levo

► We use sustainable cork mats for yoga practice (they have both kids and adult sizes)! http://www.scoriaworld.com?aff=3

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► We use sustainable cork mats for yoga practice (they have both kids and adult sizes)! http://www.scoriaworld.com?aff=3

Music by Zachary Friederich – The Ballad Of Janie Sue And Johnny Blue (Instrumental) – https://thmatc.co/?l=D7DE1D85

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Anastasia Sunshine says:

My family use to have those same chairs lol

Brilliant Unschooling says:

So serene. ♥️

Have you or the kids had any trouble with offgassing from the foam and/or polyester materials of the furniture?

Anna Minaeva says:

your home is really cosy and beautiful. and the brands you named are mindfull and fascinating. thank you for this video!

Whitey Claws says:


Branchofatree says:

We love Wildcraft too!!!

Andrea Gorochow says:

but…but… you sold your wedding rings?????

Hannah Wilkie says:


Sasha Shallies says:

I buy everything secondhand lol especially my clothes. People think that’s thrift stores are for poor people but honestly you find some good stuff! And you can use other things around your house or that are at the thrift store to DIY them and make them custom to your style. I wish more people would go thrifting

yiela says:

i’d like to suggest a video on the hygiene products you use. especially feminine products. i’d like to figure out a substitute for pads and tampons 🙂

Rosemarie Collins says:

I love secondhand and/or free anything

JelenaZemunka73 says:


Faye Rawcliffe says:

What an absolutely gorgeous home and an even prettier family! Your family and your lifestyle is so inspiring and I truly love how honest and positive your videos are! Hope you have a fantastic day!!

LaylahSunflowers says:

I loved the voice over and how your express yourself about your family. Inspo

reepeedoo says:

*Do you vaccinate your kids, I am very curious about that! I sure hope you do*

Staci S says:

Beautiful family ♥️

Susie Nava says:

I spy a Paulo Coelho book!! My favorite author!!!!! And Book the Alchemist

Lindsay B says:

I am excited to see the rest of your place, I can’t wait for my wife and I to get to that place where we own our own home, we are thinking about a tiny house built (mostly by us although neither one of us have any experience building things lol) useing recycled items.. Oh what is the name of that plant at 5:34? I have the exact same one but it was given to me on earth day (I have kept it alive surprisingly)

Cidnie Lou Who says:

Will you be making a video talking about transitioning from minimalism and how the desire to put together a home has influenced your minimalism?

Deandrea Pinkney says:

I would love to know how you care for Indie’s hair. My youngest son has super long curly hair and is still a toddler. We struggle with a low waste way to care for his hair. Even daily combing hasn’t helped.

Luiza C says:

Can you talk about how you celebrate Yule?

J Malone says:

LOVE your house!! What does your husband do?

Erica Goehring says:

I have a 1928 home. I love that era! Thank you for sharing a look into your home. I love it!! I love your obvious gratitude and joy in your new living space. I’m happy for you!!

esfajo gi says:

Very beautiful o.O

Kristi Beth says:

Love your living and doing room area! It’s so cozy and filled with love. Thanks for sharing !

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