Space saving furniture that transforms 1 room into 2 or 3

Resource Furniture sells bookshelves, couches and desks- and a combination of the above- that are so highly engineered that they gracefully transform into beds.

Gone is the amusing awkwardness of Murphy Beds, this more modern transforming furniture (much of it designed and made in Italy y Clei) is high style and almost, well, magical. Hydraulics make the transition from bookshelf or couch to bed a smooth and effortless thing to marvel.

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Desi noel says:

they should have another person show the camera around cus hes giving his sales pitch

Immediate Reviews says:

Beds everywhere! But the spinning wall shelf was pretty neat.

anastasia46 says:

excellent video. I wish that stuff was made affordable.

Karen Ricciuto says:

I love the furniture but this man should realize this is not a religious documentary. If I went in to buy furniture and this man started his beliefs at me, I would go find someone else to help me. What a ego maniac attitude.

Capone says:

On the flip side, everyone wants to live in the city, and “they” have made it that way so they can quarantine you like rats. If and when social unrest breaks out, being in the city will kill you. The only thing these people are missing is a wheel to run on. There’s TONS of uninhabited land. People are brainwashed.

Rochelle Tucker-Young says:

How do I find the company to purchase space saving furniture and murphy beds that rotate, items can be held in place while bed is being lowered.  What is the name of the company.

2000talon says:

Cool stuff!! Furniture of the future for sure!

Pankaj Doharey says:

This is magical.

chandrashekar reddy says:

Bed bed bed… Whole video turns around that single word

Shravan Tanwar says:

Is type ka funiture kha milta hai

maxdecphoenix says:

The problem I have with all these ‘combination’ furnishings (outside of the initial cost) is that if some tiny peice of nothing breaks the whole thing is worthless. Hinge breaks? oh, guess you won’t have a desk til you order that $90 custom made hinge! (if we’re still producing it). Over-tightened that counterweight? We sell replacement cable for $500!

This stuff is marketed as ‘simplifying’ your life, but, you know, this stuff breaks too. And the more engineered a piece is, the more difficult or expensive it is to replace. and if the piece is representing 4 furnishings, you’re left over a barrel.

LLGoldstein says:

Space is at a premium only if you live in a huge city. I like my five bedroom home in the suburb with my wife and 5 children. I do like the idea of turning my room into an office as well though.

Marijn de Wit says:

Anybody any idea how they make these beds so that they go up an come down so easily? Is it contraweight?

0rcd0c says:

Paying $5000 to $12000 for one of those beds…Almost worth it

Tann V says:

I expected the coffee table to turn into a bed

LeiAnne Stevens says:

WOW! Exciting! A bed every where you can hide it! But, I guess they hid Privacy so well, he can’t find it!
I am all for downsizing and having minimal Stuff, but this goes too far!

Myong Mackey says:

아름다운 마음.
감사함니다 휼륭한 당신에게 감사드립니다

Miss K says:

what is the maximum weight load on these beds and top bunks?

IFly High says:


jaxxstraw says:

And if you want to get a book to read while you’re in bed, tough shit. And if your cat likes to sleep on your bed while you are at your desk, tough shit. And if you want to go to bed while someone is sitting on your sofa, tough shit. And if you want to leave something on your desk when you go to bed, tough shit. And if you don’t want to spend all day folding things and rotating things and shit like that, tough shit.

Fishiest Fish says:

ok see this bed this bed can turn into a bed!

BE gee says:

reading the comments below are pathetic.. GREAT VIDEO AND GREAT IDEAS/WORK put in, thanks for sharing.

oksills says:

You completely and utterly lost me in the first minute! You did not say “I like this and that , I think beds are wasteful”! You said those who enjoy their beds and bedrooms are “selfish”! Wow! What arrogance ! Are you from the GOVERNMENT and just here to help all of us selfish people?? Bet I could guess your political party! YOU will never sell ME anything! WORDS HAVE MEANING SIR!!

Frustrated Mechanic says:

This is awesome. Sad, we must wait until the price comes down just as the VCR when it hit first hit the market…

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