Interior Design — Multifunctional Furniture Must-Have: The Storage Bench

On, sylemaker and designer Montana Burnett shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she created two distinct vignettes using the same storage bench from HomeSense. Watch Montana handpick the affordable elements for a chic equestrian-style entry, and coastal studio office in a fresh blue and white palette.

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Adelaide hula hoopers says:

both setups look like a shop to sell knick knacks.

Bella Daylight says:

It’s bautiful, but pretty impractical. But then where I live no one really has a foyer. most people just have a small front room with some hooks and a shoe bench

Stumbling Is Not Falling says:

This woman is off her rocker.


I’m sorry but this is just not my style…looks cluttered too.


i am just here for the comments

Megan Claren says:

she would not be able to work on a small budget

Julia Smouse says:

TJ Maxx and Target are afordable, Home Sense? Not so much. Especially when you buy the MOST expensive items there.

AleksandarSkywalker says:

The design is awful and designer is annoying af.

TheSonnyjoseph250 says:

are you supposed to sit on flowers?

Maurice Powers says:

love both the looks but how is that a storage bench

Leelee says:

Wow, so multi-functional! I love the way you used a chair as a vase. Inspired.

Josephine Bournes says:

I.M.P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L Design word of the day boys and girls!

Gi says:

omg..what about ”less is more”

Ebizzill says:

your emphasis of ONLY makes me question your taste.

Valarie Housley says:

Ana, I agree with you to the fullest extent. Sure, we like our homes to look nice, but our, “middle class” sense tells us….save for your children’s educations. The Hosts constant ; I, I, I, was driving me nuts. Ugh!

Katherine Ireland says:

Would like to see a small place decorated with more traditional warm comfortable feel.can not cosy up to hard chrome straight leg furniture.

abd2504 says:

How rich is she ? every amount is just “only” for her

sups702 says:


Jasmin Janssen says:

depending beauty&design it s too much stuff placed there.It s too distrscting.And it s not functional,sorry…


Is funny when she says..”only”… yeah.. sure…

Uoo Hoo says:

Too much clutter

Louisse Alvarez says:

Only $99… only $150… only. Those “finds” you said we’re certainly NOT PRACTICAL. Be realistic when disclosing the prices, otherwise your viewers would just be disappointed.

Joanna 09 says:

Not functional

Nadia l says:

she sucks

Natalia Rojas says:

Way too many things for an entrance

benre says:

it was a steal for 900 dollars, i couldnt resist!

Maya Moukao says:

why flowers are on the chair ??

Joy Yu says:

i know im watching the wrong youtube channel when i hear, ONLY 99 dollars lol

G Karthick says:

Sorry Mam….It doesn’t make functional just coz you kept saying its functional…

Hellcat says:

I don’t agree with this rampant consumerism where you just run around buying stuff and then trying to fit it in when you get back home. This is wasteful and not practical at all. Great design comes from studying the space and then finding beautiful pieces that are right in the space and fit with your style. This is not it.

Joyce Alice says:

“fresh flowers” won’t be fresh for long just laying on a chair without water…

Meliemooful says:

Why would you put a terrarium on a padded bench, wouldn’t that leave dent and a crease thus ruining the bench?

dee rasta says:

This video felt like a lie

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