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Interior Design, Modern Bedroom, Decorating ideas for Jon’s Modern Home Design. With only weeks left before the Interior Design installation of the LaJolla project, San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson meets up with Mrs. LaJolla as they go through furniture and accessories that have been in storage for 5 years. Rebecca makes decisions on what… if anything they have, can be used in the project. Follow along as they shop together for possible accessories pieces and household items. Meet Tim and Lauren, the couple who won the Furnitureland South $10,000 shopping spree and view their video submission. Take a tour with Rebecca as she see’s Jon’s home for the first time.

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Demeta Barrington says:

I have been following you for over 5 yrs and I have learned so much from you. We moved into our 3rd home and my husband want to make it more modern which I am having a hard time pulling it together. Help!

Keisha Lafleur says:

Rebecca when I love you… You inspire me!

Leslie Bonner says:

I am so taken back by the work that John has done with his home. Wow!

Mohamed Hassan Abd elhafiz says:

Like It

Isha Mandrekar says:

I have watched a lot of your interior design videos and you are really great. I will try to incorporate at least some of the so many things that you have taught in your videos when designing my Apartment.

tecnoklaus says:

This is very confusing. Whoever did the editing sucks. I don’t understand the transition into different homes, and all the bs talking and random shots between are stupid.

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Jack Skipper says:

I have a hard time paying attention to her, my mind starts wandering as she talks

Nidia Neira says:

I love your eye glasses!! I would to have cool ones!!!

Kenny DeSouza says:

UAV Futures intro

susuilu says:

but the picture of the pistol though?! i wouldnt want to see my visitors getting shot right at the door or in general in my house… why would someone put this pic up-it is beyond my understanding. everything else is nice

afwurch says:

I have that same gray vest!

Jade Aira says:

i love your youtube channel♥…

Ahmed El-Salakh says:

i wonder if i can contact you ?


nice room john.. i like it

Sakura Senpai says:

Lol rock puns

JAlexander says:

Absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful !!! What a phenomenal transformation of his house.

Ferny Rapley says:

How do you subscribe?

Christina Garcia says:

I need Help!


I wish you could decorate my room !!

Grethel Noble says:

I love the planters that he has where do I buy them? thanks!

Marko Żagań says:


Tish Smiddy says:

I don’t think you can say amazing to many times when u see that home

Diane Walden says:

Without caffeine, what’s the point of that, I hear you. lol Now for the important stuff, my gushing over your never miss projects. Yet another win. Simply beautiful. Keep up the great work.

Rebecka says:

We’re remodeling and will pick out flooring in the next few days. Love the gray-brown color of his floors! Might see what we can find that is similar– light and sleek!

Triena Capers says:

Did he do the renovations hisself?

Greatest Goals Ever says:

thanks for sharing this great video

nusrat rubaiya says:

soooooo imputational

Almira Mataj says:

John’s house is GOALS!

John Du's Channel says:

Amazing Ideas!

Ammar Sadeq says:

bla bla bla bla bla bla and what the hek then where is the idea .

Minna Minna says:

5:59 iittala’s Oiva Toikka birds!!

scarybear94 says:

that family almost broke their kid’s spine lol

ma ka says:

fun family
good for them

Miah Leissa says:

This is one of THE most impressive make-overs I have ever seen, and I LOVE the colors 🙂

PranaGirl AmericanHoney says:

Yay, thank you for trying to eliminate ‘amazing’ from being THE ONLY ADJECTIVE that ever seems to get used. Appreciated!

The HD Life says:

I’m currently 7 months pregnant. I moved back to the valley on my family’s property into the in-law unit because my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. I’m moving from santa cruz :-(. but, since the in-law unit is a one bedroom. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to decorate the master /nursery correctly. also, on one of the main walls, South wall. it has an ugly ac wall unit. Idk how I can hide that, decorate around it. I have no idea. but it’s driving me buts. the north wall, is 3/4 of a wall because on the end of it, on the right it has a door to the bathroom. opposite corner on same wall has the entrance to the room. the west wall has a full size sliding glass door. the east wall, has a full size sliding closet with mirror doors. help help help! I’ve chosen white, light grey, and Tiffany blue as my colors. help please.

curlycurly004u says:

Really nice ! I love that guys house and the idea you gave .

Marko Żagań says:

cool 🙂

Airy Angels says:

very nice place!

Ideas For You says:

i like your decoration

Lyn Fittzy says:

Oh my gosh you’re such an awesome and brilliant interior designer Ms Rebecca. Loved all your video’s, your daughter and son and the whole family xx.

Linda Robertt says:

Do you know the name of the china pattern you chose from Bloomingdale? Has your daughter registered yet.? I hope you’ll share that process with us. You’re taste and personality are so unique and your videos so inspiring!

esmeralda Garcia says:

Jon’s place is amazing!!

Andrea Shand-McPherson says:

Loving the house even the dog but absolutely fallen for the guy would love to meet John

Josh Stewart says:

What my normal budget is for buying a house they spent on shipping and storing their stuff.

Christine Elders says:

Even better the second time around! Wonderful Rebecca! SF

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