Interior Design – Genius Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Time for a challenge! H&H’s Joel Bray and Reiko Caron bring high style to a tiny, sterile space – a university dorm room at Ryerson University in Toronto. Learn how to fully transform a dull room into a stylish, young adult living space by adding personality with fabrics and accessories. Oh, and Joel builds a headboard in under 10 minutes. No big deal.

The space came with a number of restrictions, like bossy carpeting and a dull blue color palette, so Joel and Reiko had to work with the room’s decor instead of against it. After repositioning the furniture and removing a lot of the pieces, like burgundy curtains, a side table, a task lamp, chair, and “prison bedding,” an extension rod was added to display layered sheer and dark drapes. The same drapes are used to hide the closet, but on shower curtain rods since they’re adjustable. Joel created a headboard with cardboard, foam and pretty patterned fabric for the bed, which was styled with throw pillows and a sequined duvet. A classic table lamp brings light to the bedside and desk, while an inexpensive large framed map – which was DIY’d – adds the final pop of pretty, helping to transform the 100-square-foot room into a stylish, young adult living space.


Bethany Rosier says:

As cool as this is, NO student will even consider spending any amount of money to decorate a room they’ll only live in for a few months. Not to mention the one you worked on was already more furnished and bigger than the usual dorm room.

Candis C says:


d'nomar senoj says:

thats a tiny home

Ternelle Cross says:

Wow!!! I’m speechless!! This looks so good!!!

CJ Chen says:

At the school I went to, most of these additions would have been against regulation.

Nora Dahlberg says:

Where did you put all the furniture and stuff you took out of the dorm room?

Sonie Maikami says:

What kind of dorm room came with furniture this nice?

Candis C says:


Shall Not Dab 21 says:

What if they went into the wrong room and the person came home to a completely decorated room for free like YES! Scratch that off of the to do list

Nia Parris says:

I wish my dorm had that wall storage thing above the desk. I wonder of there’s any way to put something like that up without drilling nails into the wall… Idk if command strips are strong enough for that tho :/

Claudia Vargas says:

love it!!!!!

Real Life says:

I love what she said . … don’t fight the color just work with them

ed junior says:

this is the most beautiful dorm room I ve ever seen, and its HUGE

Dennis Mejia says:

I like the way it is. Well anyway the whole video is so fake.

Kate Li says:

Why didn’t they move the bed to the other side? Then you’d also get to face/ look at the nice decorated cabinets.

Anthony Deng says:

Honestly the way the dorm room came is better than any room I’ve ever had since the beginning of college

Miranda Sherrell says:

My single will be about this size. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

TheFluffyPeacock says:

Must be nice to have a dorm room all to yourself!

Naomi says:

can u guys just pls fly over n help me decorate my room

Lucy S says:

Weird placement for that thing over the bed. You get up and whoa headache.

Mary Gonzalez says:


meowlody says:

When you’re a broke college student, you can’t really afford to buy so much fancy stuff for your dorm

J. Cunningham says:

So flippin’ cute! Awesoe!

Miah Leissa says:

I really love this room. What a great job! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

chang jody says:

So great. Learn a lot from it

Home Design says:

How good this image

Rajdeep Kaur says:

its nice doesnt look like dorm looks like room at home nice work

Mercy Elatuyi says:

I love interior decor
Above all
Jesus saves
He loves u
He is coming again

Just Air says:

They made this look like a nice hotel lol

Marie says:

I love this room

amr mousa says:

It’s essential to have a book on Belgium and Luxembourg in every dorm room!!!

Marta Fonseca says:

Looks great!

heyitsamyjay says:

This dorm room is HUGE compared to mine!

Dani Mark says:

It’s nice, but where are the storage????

Amanda G says:

If only my dorm looked this good!

Daniel Jones says:

I’ve been trying the closet curtain idea, but it falls down every night. Suggestions?

Ash Nizer says:

My dorm room is having that ugly orange wooden furniture , this one is much way better than mine .

Home Design says:

It’s look like amazing…

Gakgo Kids Learn Colors says:

nice design

Kate Li says:

To have a single means (the college kid either has high standards even if poor or has rich parent ms who spoiled him or her) paying almost double.. and sometimes it’s cheaper to get larger apartments nearby the school than dorm, imo.. better for your credit than paying dorm..

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