Interior Design — 4 Tips To Create A Sophisticated Home Office

Designer Hilary Ramsay outlines how to design an elegant home office. Discover her formula for creating an ultra-feminine, pink space that feels sleek rather than sweet.

Hilary used a neutral color palette as a backdrop, and brought in pink, rose and mauve in the decor. When choosing furniture, she kept things consistent with circular motifs, found in the base of the desk, the pendant and the faceted front of the console table. Luxurious linen and velvet fabrics add interest, as does textured wallpaper behind the built-in credenza. A mix of metals offer a touch of glam, from the drapery hardware and coffee table to the accessories.

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Rosalinda R. says:

Very soothing and relaxing.

Florida Dj says:


Oodololly says:

Stunning! That velvet chair is remarkable.

loubna bouziane says:

The room looked exactly like the designer, very beautiful and defined… But just not an office.

sorsara78 says:

the rug is beautiful, where is it from?

Rosemary Gunderson says:

Gorgeous. Would love an office like this.

vm24seven365 says:

Love the pink…soft, sophisticated, and oh so feminine.  Simply lovely.   Peace friend.

Heather Forrest says:

Yes. You did it! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the soft colours with the gold and the brass along with the circles inject an “inviting glam” to the space.

Alma Yena says:

I love it! I want my bedroom to look like this.

Chubby Chu says:

Beautiful lip color 🙂

MzBrazilian87 says:

Her contour tho! lol <3

Sean Davis says:

Wow! Definitely not for _me_ but I appreciate the beauty of this design. Love it.

Kate Lim says:

She look so orange in this, oh gosh. I kept thinking she is cosplaying Cleopatra in this, distracting. Lol!

cartmann227 says:

Very American of the 80s Golden Girls like

Betsy Weatherhead says:

I’m used to the idea that offices have things in them to support work. For instance, a computer, files, printer, calendar, writing utensils, mail, a phone, paper. This looks like a wonderful place to have tea with friends.

Megan Claren says:

Tip 1 how to create a sophisticated office space: be rich.

I still love it tho

JavaGirl says:

It looks so boring

Kim Pacheco-Ambrose says:

I like it

Yaneli Verdi says:

HI I do have these nice coffe table but I don’t like the base what I should do to update without change it..appreciate any help thank you

Nacha M. González Ramos says:


Uparna Alexander says:

So soothing, really loved

Chocolate Ganacher says:

That rug??!! OBSESSED.

Syed Sohail says:


S R says:

I looooove this room!

shmoo says:

Alexis Colby style. Sickening.

jjenn 33 says:

biting my tongue when it comes to commenting on this disaster of a space…that’s all I’m saying…

Faith Welch says:

Shouldn’t the books at 1:26 be facing the other way around so you can see the titles?!

MisterHot says:

Very pretty but….. mixing metals to me is still a no-no.

Sharfaa Kassiem says:

This space is beautiful!

Troy Chim says:

This is one room I see everything popping if only the walls were white

ElleToshea says:

I love it!!!! I’ve been into pink decor more often.

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