Stephen Roby says:

Comments are too funny. Hating on people being innovative. Trying to open your minds to a possibility. I’m sure not all were locked into a power source. Weights and pulleys could function and did in the past. You would lift in a certain manner to activate the weights.

Dylan Mendes says:

They are secret rooms no more

vze21gwa says:

The one at 1:13 and 1:29 are too obvious.

Daniel Robinson-temara says:

Now I know where to hide my drugs! Thanks!

Odd Doktor says:

4:23 that isn’t hidden. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that is there.

Ronald Prasad says:

Escaping from the feds like

Raj Kumar Sarita says:

Itna kon sa hum ne drugs ka kam karna hai

Chris McCullough says:

not so secret any more! muahahahahahaha!

Zeno says:

I SO need to make one of these.

super gaming says:

these are the best places to play hide and seek

Dear Aya31 says:

My future house

Emmanuel Gonzalez says:

Watching this high was am excellent idea!

JA Morris says:

What is the backing track for this video? It is brilliant!

Alan Bilsborough says:

Irregular shapes are so good at hiding doors

Esse Cara says:

How to keep your house safety to aliens

Truth says:

The one at 4:22 you can see the hinges on the floor. How stupid.

Eddie O says:

Nice places for a silver stacker!

Wolfe Reblz says:

We now know your “secrete”

jeff walker says:

how about some RFID locks?

Nacho Ruiz says:

How to reach 10 mins: repeat some clips xD. Great video anyway

Mark Menguito says:


Sam Stephens says:

The 8:25 one was played twice

Sikpuppy says:

All I gotta say is “La La La La Ta Daaa, Lotti Da”

antony jones says:

whats funny is that i always wanted one of these until i watched some of these

Yancie aka momofmanyx says:

Great hideaways can yall drop the soundtracm please

erika sandoval says:


Odd Doktor says:

It seems like almost all of them are using the same remote… is there a brand that specializes in these sorts of projects? If anyone knows let me know

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