How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture!

The proper arrangement of furniture can make your room appear larger, brighter, elegant and efficient. These few tricks can make a world of difference to any room large or small.

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Lifestyles With Ajike Williams says:

Awesome advice

polishmomvlogs says:

I need so much those kind of videos. We are moving soon! <3

crissie rose says:

do not place chairs infront of doors ,, thanks ,,id never have thought of that

Bab zul says:

tqtq u viral n. your video

Hrh-Pan F says:

Can you change your music please! It’s soooo annoying!!

Graeme Jarry says:

The voice is ittitating. Looking for living room chair

Bældæg Plato says:

Very well done !

M Gal. says:

What is the problem! Can’t anyone afford to pay a real person to narrate these videos anymore !

ashwini pratap says:

Good tips wid nice images

Rose K says:

Annoying music, video too fast which didn’t allow much time to view placement of things.

Asbestos Removal Awareness says:

I love this! You. tips are wonderful and the things you shared are beautiful

Elizabeth Jack says:

Wow wow wow wow thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Ideas and very nice colors and styles rooms and suites in the future and God bless you and your family my friends.

Awie Mulder says:

beautiful thankyou

Mohsan Ali says:

Sry tv k drama

Winter Summer says:

I Love all the furnitures arrangement showed in this show.

manic hairdo says:

Turn the volume off to avoid clash between robotic voice and ridiculous music.

kuldeep kaur says:

I need an advice on how to choose sofa colour for dark brown floor?

Donna Stokes says:

Thank you.

paris rain says:

I hate it when pictures are hung too low. Looks like kaka. cheap. Sometimes your best friends won’t tell you.

Wanda MyMannequinMayhem says:

It went so quickly that I couldn’t see the rooms themselves long enough to get any ideas, nor view it long enough to enjoy it. I had to replay the video and endure that voice, in which was too robotic.

Hyder Himmathi says:

Little to fast robotic

gluey27 says:

Wanted to watch hate the robotic voice

Edinah Moraa says:

amazing work

Buddybooboo Milo says:

Ok…you’re welcome robot

salsa4u Moudrik says:

Why do you say not to put furniture close to the wall? it give more space, isn t it?

Zaman Butt says:

Very nice

Ras says:

All your tips are for large living rooms

Ally says:

good info but the voice was creepy and the music was a bit much. thank you anyways

Skysurfer 777 says:

The only thing I disagree with is picture and art placement. It definitely should not be placed “high”, if you’re looking to do things technically correct. The center of the art piece should be at about eye level, but if there’s many people of many heights in your home, or you’re like 7ft tall, the standard is to have the center of the art 60” from the ground. This helps you to feel relaxed and grounded, where as art placed high can feel awkward, like it’s about to float away. An exception is if you have something like a wall gallery. You can then have pieces way up high, because when you group many art pieces together on a wall, they becomes as one. As long as the center of that “cluster” is around eye level, you’re good. Hope that made sense. Also, how did they get that grad pic of me? LOL


I hate the video’s that do the robot voices, I won’t watch ANY of them

shahida khan says:

nice video

crissie rose says:

nnnnnoooooonot the robot voicce

melanie reyes says:

That was fast , bareley seen your arrangement .

Marian Hruby Pumper says:

Chessey voice, common tips ,uninspired presentation of the so called tips

K G says:

Horrible sounding automated voice that really takes away a lot from this video! $-


nice….. video it helped me alot. !!! Thankxxx

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