25 Of The Best Space Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes

25 Of The Best Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes:

25. Hideable Dog Bowl Drawer
24. Cat Litter Box Inside A Living-room Table
23. Combination Changing Table And Care Product Storage
22. Four Chairs In One
21. Fold-up Picture Table
20. Ping Pong Table Door
19. Ironing Board Mirror
18. Fusion Dining And Pool Table
17. Convertible Sofa
16. Wall Bed And Sofa
15. Painting That Doubles As Jewelry Storage
14. Window Blinds Folds As A Rack
13. Beautifully Stacked Chairs And Table
12. Stairs With Drawers And Shelves
11. Modular Furniture For Students
10. Hollow Chair
9. Fold-down Table
8. Knife-within-a-knife
7. Open-and-close Barbecue
6. Bookcase Staircase
5. Dining Table And Chairs
4. Sofa Bunk Bed
3. Stair Drawers
2. Understairs Storage
1. Chairs And Tables That Fit Into A Shelf

SOURCE: “boredpanda.com”
LINK: http://www.boredpanda.com/efficient-space-saving-design/


sachin khedkar says:

are main sofa se gandal gaya….

Aparna Jain says:

vayu stuthi

Pop Adrian says:

te dai mare nu e fain

lalhruaitluangi chinzah says:

i need the hollow chair

Bharati Patil Bharati Patil says:

waiting for few more innovative ideas but when does these furniture’s come to India

Fareda Jaber says:

That’s Soooo Amazing idea
I really like it

Anita Singh says:

so good

Debra Kendall says:

What I would Like is wall partition private bunk beds for boy and girl or private loft rooms so you can put two rooms in one for boy and girl to share one room. It would be like cubicals. I looked all over and couldn’t find anything like this on line. I think it would be good to have them free standing so you could move them if you had to.

Constance Aris says:

Did any body else noticed it skipped numbers? Or am I going crazy

shabnam khan says:

should you introduce the furniture in india

Nanashi Uzumaki says:

Can I have all of them?

Jadyn Harper says:

that would be grate.

Shah Hazard Khan says:

Some are just awesome and great but some are not so suitable and not needed like the combination of sofa and bookcase where the sofa is hollow and that’s quite awkward, combination of stairs and shelfs except the under-stair storage.

Nina Devilqueen45 says:

They should change the song

Mayank Rathore says:

where can i get these things.
any idea.

bryan Vasquez says:

hello Friends

Tamara Rogers says:

Some brilliant ideas and product!

Ryan Anderson says:

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Patricia Hernandez says:

these ideas are so cool

Kartik Mahindrakar says:


balraj singh says:


Prachi and Muskan art and craft says:

excellent superb

ferrokookie says:

I small drawer left open among the stairs.. u hv a big accident..

z s says:

Amazing home tecnic

Kanishka Palak says:

Visit the page for more ideas and contact – http://www.facebook.com/ShilpkarCreatives

sameer sahab says:

I loved tht round dinning table

Mery May says:


sushmita chatterjee says:

The last one was the coolest

Shawn Roman says:

”pepe amazing plan” (Google it) is a wonderful book about wood working. I`m a graduate of a one-year carpentry course from a local tech college. Of all the books I have read during my study about woodworking, I think this is the finest book I have read so far. It includes helpful pictures and goes over almost everything.

Chetana Kadati says:

is less I think not needed useless now a day’s all are rich so lolzzzzz

Leanda Rose says:


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