Check out these exceptionally beautiful design items you can diy in just 5 minutes! Tons of genius creative ideas on how to create delightful indoor tent, cozy pillows, breakfast-in-bed tray for your loved ones, incredible infinity mirror table, embroidery hoop ideas and so much more!

Let’s start with my favorite one. Infinity mirror table. You have to find two-storeyed table with removable glass surface. First of all, take out the glass surface and wrap it with black tin foil, then put on special paper strap with the little led lights on it all around the wooden surface and finally put the glass part back in. Turn the lights off, enjoy the view! ; )

This one for the clay and cement lovers. Put some clay into the bowl, add water, stir it up, now put in three wooden legs into this mass, let it dry properly and there you have it! Beautiful and stylish stand for the flower pots, books, gadgets and whatever you want for that matter!

And if you have some big cardboard boxes left, don’t throw them away! I’ll show you the way to transform it into an awesome comfy indoor tent for the kids!

Enjoy these furniture ideas and let’s get creative! ; )


1:36 Bottle ottoman
2:22 Bubble gum?
4:38 Infinity table
6:27 Lack side table

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Meerab beauty drawing says:

Thank you, you alway help me, thank you so much .

tal says:

imma do the dresser one and make it a Steven universe thing

Alivia Peris says:

I feel like 5 minute crafts should get a HUGE house, and put every single thing they have ever made into that house, and that’s where they can film, create, and store stuff, yet no one will live there. Anyone agree?

مصارعه WWE says:

مرحبا شباب بنات نتباهه رجأن، ،،مجموعه ايمو تخبل وناس طيبه وثكيله ومحترمه اليحب يجي ويانه اهلا مسهلا بي «07804721063،» حبايبي تعالو وراح تشكرو مساول الدعوه اهواي علا المجموعه الطيبه البي الكروب تعاااالو حبايبيني

Monique vaniekerk says:

I love did video

Ilovekittycats Ilovekittycats says:


gachta kiddy bog says:

2:55 so that’s what I look like huh

Michelle Watkins says:

Face reveal 2:55

dumb aesthetic super nova says:

Too bad these arent 5 minute crafts

ally Martinez says:

I like what you doing

Neuron Gaming says:

Всем привет;)

Nevaeh Nicole says:

Did anybody spot the camera

Amppari Turku says:


This video is bad i saw that

Sophie Sims says:

Click bait

Amppari Turku says:

Why the same clips come on saw that 2 weeks ago first 3 clips I DISLIKED : ( SORRY BRO

Melanie Diokno says:

These are cool

Read more

Jula Sikorska says:

Kto z Polski

Farukh Creation says:



This is ARMY Bomb?

Ajit Kumar says:


Emily Lauch says:

Am I the only one that noticed in the corner it skips numbers??

Adalee Bradshaw says:

Wow I need to try all of these they would help so much I love 5 min Crafts so much

Dulcilene Leite oliveira says:


Farukh Creation says:


Sandra th says:

A hole


Dude u just copied that from blossom thought u where better than that I’m disappointed

Mia's games says:

These aren’t even five minutes mia4 and they don’t even work

Exclusive Studio says:

Wow! Your styling is amazing, your home looks just beautiful.ore idea of this video

Eren TÜRKIYE says:

2:55 Camera: hello! XD

Ayush Bansode says:

Thumbnail ? ☹️

Duckie TeGamer says:

Anyone else think its dramatic that they litteraly when the computer “over heated” they made it look like a bomb was happening in there laptop?!?! Like forreal

Snowy-Chan says:

7:05 that looks awful

Viral videos with Yash mishra says:

https://youtu.be/6Q8XaQjcfVA Viral videos with yash mishra

5-Minute Crafts says:

See what a cool pillow you can do at 10:00 with your own hands, even without sewing skills!
Cool isn’t it? Try to do this?

Selina Bräutigam says:

i love 5 Minute Crafts its so easy!

Judah Junk says:


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