Wish Haul 41 – Home Decor Edition!

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Kim Ratliff says:

Hey Bonnie!!
Have you heard of DHGate?!? If not, go check it out. Either way, let me know if you have any interest in ordering/reviewing items from that site!

horsehairgal 27Laura says:

Great video and haul!! Thank you for sharing!!

sherise griffith says:

I don’t know if it’s just me …but u look like that girl on the tv sitcom friends …I think her name is phebe lol

Brittany mcdaniel says:

What happeb to ur magifiying glass necklace

That Niki Life says:

My mother said much the same thing as you when I had my son.. I can still so clearly remember her holding him when he was about a week old (15 yrs ago) and she had big happy tears and she said she felt like she was back in time holding me, and the feeling of love being similar but somehow intensified .. Idk.. Hard to explain but I feel like u know what I mean… Lmao.. Bless his little heart.. What a sweet thought he had to ger u that! TYFS.. This is the 1st video of yours I’ve ever seen and I’m about to go check out some more!

SJ SMITH says:

Great haul!

Olivia Penner says:

you are my favourite channel

No fucking name says:

I really love you greetings from Greece 🙂

Hazel Morales says:

Your hair looks so beautiful

Suzette Armijo says:

But the title makes it seem like your doing an unboxing type of video, not a blog.

TaraKristjansson says:

I can’t believe you’re almost to 10k subs! You deserve it!! I’m glad you are making that many people’s days 🙂 I love ya Bonnie!!

The midnight raven says:

love wish hauls


Lololol your poor lamp gets wacked everytime by flying bags love it lmao

Misty Hurley says:

I love the grandmother shirt, you are so right, grandkids are the greatest, I have 5. Thanks soich for doing the hauls.. Glad to see you are feeling souch better.. Love ya!!!

Ashley Gulley says:

Love! ❤️

angelinamariemusic7 says:

hi Bonnie ❤️❤️

Kit Kat says:

That gun is an AK-47

Belle C. says:

Omg i LoVE how she is a grandma and a youtuber thats so cool

SIMaginaryJEN JEN says:

I LOVE your sweatshirt Bonnie and grandchildren are wonderful! My daughter cannot have children but my stepson and his wife have two daughters so they are my grand daughters and I love them. Hope you had a great weekend and just letting ya know that I love ALL of your videos and I could listen to you talk all day!!!! (((HUGS)))

The Cheap Chick says:

I love your videos. Just subscribed! I just started doing videos on here. WISH hauls mostly. I would love if you subscribed!

Alice Rice says:

Wish is now charging $7.00 shipping for orders under $30.00. I’m not ordering from them now

Joy Morrow says:

That’s what she said lol
Coolest grandma

Tiffany Duncan says:

You’re an awesome grandma and a silver fox! Love your videos!

Cherish F says:

Having kitties for kids, if I had grandkitties they would judge me so hard.

merita Holmes says:

awesome video Bonnie!

ChildAtHeart says:

Hi Bonnie! That shirt is great you’re so lucky to have three grandkids! That pillowcase was hilarious! That canvas looked quite romantic to me. Thanks for sharing ❤❤❤

Kristin Wartluft says:

ahhh Bonnie i just love watching your videos! such a kind hearted beautiful lady! my 3 year old knows who im watching instanly from the music and always says “can i watch bonnie too i like Bonnie mommy!” id say hes a good judge of character! lol hope you have a wonderful day ! much love from Ohio!

Joy'Kaziah Ldn says:

You are the cutest grandma I’ve ever seen

Rhea Elizabeth and Michael says:

Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid to get stronger natural nails. I know I’m late to this comment section. I just started watching you yesterday.

Levi Heichou says:

New to this channel, your vid was amazing! You look so young to be a grandmother!

Brittany mcdaniel says:

Loved the vif

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