Transforming a Small Apartment Without Breaking the Bank | Our First Home!

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We are so happy to have finally found our first apartment together! We have so many new projects we will be working on as I start to move all my furniture in! We will bring you along for the journey in December-January so stay tuned!

|| Wanna find our paint colors?! ||

Bedroom walls:
Bedroom trim:

||Wedding Wednesdays Line Up||

Ep. 1 The hunt for a wedding venue:
Ep. 2 The hunt for a wedding venue part 2:
Ep. 3 The wedding workout:
Ep. 4 The bridesmaid proposal:
Ep. 5 The planning for the ceremony location:
Ep. 6 The reception place settings:
Ep. 7 The wedding photographer and engagement photoshoot outfits:
Ep. 8 The wedding rings and invitations:
Ep. 9 The beautiful flowers:
Ep. 10 The wedding food!:
Ep. 11 The engagement photos:
Ep. 12 The wedding decor details:
Ep. 13 The hunt for the new married apartment:
Ep. 14 The wedding decor walk-thru:

Florals by Esther from Wallflower Inspiration:
Photography by Suzi Jacobs:
Furniture rentals by Archive Rentals:
Sharrah’s hair extensions by Lauren Ashlyn Collection:
Sharrah’s engagement ring by Honey Jewlery Co:
Other jewelry by Morra Jewelry –


Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound


Ain'tMyself says:

Beach cottage? More like bitch cottage because she is going to live there now.

Don Juan says:

Came here to see apt ended up jacking off thanks

D M says:

Sooo… painting the walls…….Ok…sure..

Winnie Loves Life says:

What was the acting for? I don’t get it . Was looking for a transformation

ate cuya says:

Too much drama for just painting, not transforming lol

Ann M. says:

When I paint I’m covered in spills in an old ratty T-shirt, hair a mess, sweating and cursing like a sailor. Next time I’ll wear my heels.

Priyanka Ruler of the seven kingdoms says:

i find that sharrah, the cat lady and emma roberts are the same person.

Dulce Aydeé Garcia says:

Looooooove ❤️

Nyanna Ross says:

I’m so dramatic that I cried through out the entire video out of happiness for you guys. Jk. Jk. I smiled slightly cuz I was happy XD

Sophie Leonie Christensen says:

The video is great. Nicely done and fun!

Marilyn Moore says:

You guys are so cute!

The Devil says:

God, what a chatterbox this woman is. Sympathies to her husband.

keybladesarah says:

Most apartments won’t let you paint it LOL

Kirino Kousaka says:


Kelsey Rand says:

You & your hubby are super cute! Love your style

xraydog2011 says:

TV is the only essential that came to his mind :xD



Char Horst says:

Really happy that you do it yourself, I love self reliance!

You're Welcome! says:

paint the room? That’s your suggestion on how to transform a room with a Breaking the Bank…. mmmm no

your Lovely home says:


gsolee says:

I love it!…. where’s your bikini?…hahaha

Adam Estalane says:

Not small 🙂

Ashutosh Kain says:

Absolute Waste of time! I mean atleast change the title of the video So that it doesn’t Misdirect the viewers

fahri farizan says:

Her voice remind me of Chanel

Chris Kuchnicki says:

Hot husband!

Rajdeep Kaur says:

waste of video

6FoBoS9 says:

The first thing you wonna do is to remove old paint from windows and doors. It is completely unprofessional to paint anything over old paint…..

Greeneye ! says:


It's LaShay says:

You can paint apartments or rental homes in L.A.? Dont hate me where Im from we can’t do that and I really wish I could paint my room

Katz says:

Love the color you chose, but not all apartment dwellers can paint.

MissCookie says:

ur fucking annoying

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