Shopping For Home Decor! | We’re Moving!

Hey guys! We are moving in two days! It’s coming so fast I cannot believe it! So now we are trying to focus on packing the apartment and buying stuff for the house! Enjoy! -Ash
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aGirlnameJustin says:

Hey guys! I just posted a try-on haul! Go check it out!! xoxo

Victoria says:

Ash you should do a Q&A soon

taylor loftis says:


הילה אור-חוף says:

What volg camera Do you use?

Jackie Smith says:

not to be mean but I’m just saying you look better in your normal hair I mean way better

Maddy B says:

Chloe is adorable

Nope Fuckers says:

Next time you take Chloe to the vet take a blanket so she feels safe

Chiara Stante says:

i am just like cloe!!!!!!!! i hate shots!!

Danae x says:

You should ignore Chloë when she is afraid in the car. You being calm shows her the car is not scary. Just laying a hand on her chest is enough to calm her down a little, without the sweet voices and stuff. Love both your and Alisha’s vlogs though!

Hannah W says:

I Live For These Moving Vlogs I Can’t Wait To See Your New House I Know It Will Be Fabulous!

PixieBlogger says:

I think u should do vlogs everyday!

Jeff Borho says:

Did Alisha get bangs ?

chloe may says:

awww chlo was shaking so much

Emily Blythe says:

In 5:55 I realized there were takis. Takis lovers spot them anywhere. Can you spot them?

todd brunelle says:

Cloe is the cutest puppy ever… So Cute Lisa

L E R A says:

Я мечтаю о таком доме как у вас

Azra Muadh says:


Madisyn Dorsett says:

My dog has the same knee problem. We usually have to hold his leg up and put it back in place. We know it’s out of place when he starts limping. It’s apparently very common in Small dogs.

Ava james says:

Morning routine
*wake up
*grab my phone
*watch Ashley’s blogs
*watch Alisha blogs get ready

Katie Logsdon says:

Your HomeGoods has much better things than ours here ☹️

Michelle Raven says:

My mini dachshund’s knee cap does that too! If it doesn’t cause pain I would worry too much

taylor loftis says:

the 24th was on a tuesday

Meegan White says:

is chloe Ashley’s dog

Isabelle Molly says:

No hate on u because I love your videos but you look tired under you eyes I can see bags who agrees?

Carmen Nadav says:

What kind of dog is Chloe

Kimsbugin says:

Where are u moving to?

Candice Dunn says:

Love world market to the point where they will furnish half my house

Miss Ginger says:

I also have a YouTube channel so if you want go check it out

crazy pineapple says:

i wany to see up staris

Just Call Me Annie says:

Great vlog!

Riley Messick says:

My dog has that my dog is 90 pounds

Payton Hopkins says:

I get out of school in two weeks and it is 30 here

Gaelle C. says:

follow me on Instagram like and comment happy birthday and I’ll follow back @g.a_elle

billiejo pierson says:

I like that lamp!!

Ally Boerstra says:

Aww I love both of you sooooo much❤️

Mariam Elbanna says:

Please do a house tour once u move

Plz ♥️♥️

Vicki C says:

yes, that’s what my Chihuahua has too with the knee cap thingy!

Amelia Arnold says:

Are they sisters ??

daya1994 says:

just me or was the background music kinda creepy?

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