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Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed this new interior design video all about how I personalize the accessories and decor in my own home:) If you LOVE HomeGoods like I do, leave this video a THUMBS UP!

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#WWRD… COMING SOON… At Robeson Design we are so excited about our new series, #WWRD also known as… “What Would Rebecca Do?” If you are looking for specific ideas you can use in your own space, Rebecca wants to help YOU. Beginning in JUNE, each week on Robeson Design, one lucky subscriber will get personal, practical advice on how what she would do in your home. Its going to really simple and fun for both the winners and the viewers. If you would like Rebecca’s help with a room in your home, simply submit 4 photos of one room you are challenged with … Kitchen, Living room, Dining room, Entry, Bedroom, Kids room, Family room, Bathroom… you decide 🙂 Rebecca will select one winner each week and suggest 3 – 5 things that she would do to improve the space. Before you know it, you’ll not only be asking yourself… hmm… What Would Rebecca Do, but eventually, you’ll be able to answer the question yourself!

TO ENTER: #1. You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to both of our channels:
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#3. Take 4 horizontal photos. One of each wall (straight on not sideways is helpful) … in your selected room.
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(optional, but helpful) leave a brief description of the room
(optional, but helpful) Include a overview floor plan so its easy for Rebecca to understand your layout.
#6 Check back every Monday to see if you are the lucky winner … and learn the secrets to Rebecca’s design esthetic.

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This channel focuses on the life of Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and the fabulous team of designers and support staff that make up this successful Southern California Design Firm.
Videos include: Day to day office antics surrounding the team as they create some of the worlds most fabulous homes. You will see Shopping for furniture like Sofas chairs and tables. We address room layouts using Sketch up Pro. We tackle decorating small spaces whether it be in a Kitchen, Bedroom or Living room space. You can follow us on HOUZZ, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Epidemic Sound
and also Jimmy Robeson

Songs in this video:
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This video was sponsored by HomeGoods but all designs and opinions are authentically my own 🙂


Diane Walden says:

OMG, you never miss. Simply beautiful, again! I’m such a fan. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Smith says:

Hi Rebecca-Question, what paint color is good for the walls with an eggplant couch?

Helena Hayes says:

I love all your work because it has such a strong impact. I imagine myself going into all of the places you decorate, and just wanting to stay there forever.

Lorene Austin says:

Please show more Home Good hauls.  I enjoyed it.  How do you store your accessories?

Sue Murphey says:

Wow what is the commentary paint color in this room?

Kickin Marketing says:

#Sally Rae Thanks Sheila for your kindness,and Rebecca and her team do inspire togetherness-more power to Rebecca and her wonderful followers. @Mona Istefanos

Mark Deguzman says:

what a clever trick designing the hardware to make that door disappear!

Gail Bemrose says:

Hi Rebecca, I’ve used this clip as inspiration for my lounge room and I love it. Here in Australia we are coming into winter and I was wondering if you could give some tips on how to warm it up a little to get me through the cold months. Thanks.

Winter In Vegas says:

OMG my bf and I love HG! I can’t go in without buying something! Best store ever!

Monica Zoe says:

I love the way you say accessories… adorbs. I am OBSESSED with your vids (binge watching right now), just bought a new house and am looking forward to using your tips…now if Escrow would just hurry up and close

Megan Wong says:

Love Home Goods.  Your theme is excellent; however, the skull/horned animal needs to GO.

bluesky7226 says:


InStyle-Decor says:

Cool thanks Sue InStyle-Decor Luxury Lifestyle Hollywood CA

1963 Dianne B says:

Absolutely gorgeous room. I love the design.

BertaArt says:

Very resourceful!

Caroline Stickle says:

Love your decorating and love Home Goods or Home Sense in Canada

Carol S

Susan Fracasso says:

This was a wonderful video but I wonder HOW you keep the white sofas clean in a tv room?

Michael Zwirblia says:

Love your designs, Rebecca. My favorite is your son, Greyson’s apartment; mini spaces are so fun to decorate 🙂 Although your home is charming, the faux skull at the end of this video kinda freaks me out.

satogako satogak says:

I from Ukraine! Thank you Rebeca !!! Like ALL!!

Headcartoon says:

I wish I could have to come to my house.

barbrags12 says:

I could never afford you, but how I would love you to help in my new to us house we’re moving to. I’ve been bingeing and taking notes.

mahesh k says:

we undertake all kind of wall paintings all over the india contact mahesh 7075401641

Sara Hill says:

When you’re accessory shopping do you specifically buy items for each shelf/table/niche or do you buy a bunch of different sizes and shapes and work them into the room?

Baigali damba says:

Me too,I love Home Good

kamil hassan says:

nice mame

Tanya Von Eitzen says:

Love the style and color theme.

Jacqueline Fry says:

Home Goods and TJ Maxx are the most amazing decorating places to shop. Love them and they have high end pieces for affordable prices. Such fun places and I can spend so much time there. Love your video.

Lyn's Sussex Life says:

Great room Rebecca but the skull is a no for me.

Desi Decorates says:

Can someone please tell me where I can find that painting above the sofa?

Susana Ortega says:

This lady should be personal shopper as well. Her style is amazing, always look immaculate (;

viva2pk says:

How do you keep your white (or cream) couch clean? I noticed the dog up there…any tips would be great.

أحب أسرتي says:

that’s so chic. I can’t but admire what you did to your living room. i have 2 questions:
1. why don’t you have a rug in your living room?
2. how long does it take to clean your living room with all these intricate details? don’t they hold dust ?

Tucson Roof Gurus says:

#Trazon McMullen Thanks Sheila for your kindness,and Rebecca and her team do inspire togetherness-more power to Rebecca and her wonderful followers. @rneustel

Milagros Caban says:

I’m all about home goods. for years! beautiful

Sue Budzinski says:

thanks for linking this video in one of your others. Really enjoyed it !

leae68 says:

Dah Real Real designer. ALWAYS ON POINT!!!!! Simply BEAUTIFUL……

Gail Briggs says:

I have to be careful with accessories…because…I don’t like knick-knacks…and I don’t like to over do it…when does it become too much?…when the eye is all over the place?…is that good or bad?…and when does too much become borderline H word?…lol..I’m just having a little fun here…but seriously I’m a minimalist…but I need to learn how to accessorize where it’s just enough.

Janet Samuels-latham says:

great ideas. love it

Kari Zam says:

Just went yesterday and bought nice things to decorate a hall way table and also shelves by my tub. I liked your video. Thanks!

Linda Gray says:

I love watching your video’s. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

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