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Hottest home decor and home improvement products collection from AliExpress brought to you by your boy Aliholic. All affiliate product links are in the description below. If you are hard of hearing turn the subtitles on. Love y’all!


💡 Soft light lamps –
🛋 Moon light –
💡 Geometric vase –
🛋 Deer head –
💡 Digital clock –
🛋 Corgi magnets –
💡 Pin up plates –
🛋 Wall clock with a safe box –
💡 Breakfast burger maker –
🛋 Fruit infuser pitcher –
💡 Scented bags –
🛋 Nostalgic jewelry box –
💡 Plush unicorn –
🛋 Waterproof storage bags –
💡 3D motorcycle lamp –
🛋 Round rugs –


🌟 10 Best-selling electronics on AliExpress:

🌟 25 Products for $1 or less:

🌟 10 Things for $10 or less_

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Lenuj Junel says:

Hi, have you tried aliexpress pet items?

Soaphy says:

I really love your videos!

UFOhunter says:

@3:20, Who puts their change in a safe?
@2:10, The dead dogs were specially creepy and disturbing!
@1:00, I love that Moon nightlight. I’ll 3D print one:

Nick K. says:

What happened with your €18 mechanical watch?

Flippy says:

You have to wait a lot of time when you buy from Aliexpress. Just go do the 1$ store and buy funny things for more videos. <3

Digital Pyro says:

IKEA advertisement in front of the video lolol

Cynthia Valles says:

Thank you! We just moved into our new home and have been looking for cool decor and household items for me and my children’s rooms!!

LWBII00 says:

Princess Unicorn? “My hooorn will pierce the skkkyyy!”

Aliholic says:

Friend, find more home decor products on the blog:

Scivis GaZT says:

make a list for best to resell : )

Bart Slimienov says:

What about products related to sleeping or food prepearing? I can’t wait for it C:

ilyas Batmaz says:

i was wait this video for my room, thanks for this

Ilya Kislyakov says:

Omg so many cool home improvements!

Seth says:

Can you do a video about all you need for dedicated place, a setup for example

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