If you enjoy my home decor/apartment vlogs, this one is for YOU. THUMBS UP if you’re excited to have me vlogging again!!
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Annika D says:

I discovered you like 5 days ago and tbh I’m already in love with everything about you and your channel

Mia alaj says:

Where is vlogmas day 1

lyric angel says:

You are such an amazing person so funny and kind 🙂

Miguel Longoria says:

Your sooooooooooo cute

Sofia Tawbe says:

Where is your vlogmas videos? 🙁

Briana Cervantes says:

Claudia your sick days are literally exactly how I spend my daily life… lol

Sandra Pereira says:

But like honestly, she must be the only YouTuber that doesn’t get hate but how could she? She’s amazing, down to earth, has amazing style, gives amazing advice and she doesn’t use clickbait!! That’s the way to go!!

nancy mabel says:

Love you and is so satisfying seeing you decorating your house

Shannon Richard says:

I’m absolutely obsessed with your house!! I have same style in decor as you and love watching these videos to get inspiration for my room!

C A says:

Why can’t you have music playing in the background? Just curious because I’ve seen hundreds of videos with music playing without issues.

ChroniclesOfEm says:

YO! I’m obsessed! I love everything about your place!

Glitterpop785 says:

No vlogmas this year?

It's Izzie says:

You should have plants hanging off the thing in the living room

Hannah Jablonski says:

WHERE IS THE LITTLE BLUE PILLOW FROM!!!! You skimmed right over it:(

Marj Capati says:

I really love watching your vlogs

Hejkasz says:

Jak dla mnie powinnaś mieć na nazwisko Sulewska 😉 heh;

Blaine says:

Hate comment: Your too amazing talented beautiful and inspiring lol

Asma Saeed says:

My beeeeeeest vloger ever

Chanti Lee says:

help! i wanna cut my hair like yours, so i just neeed to know hot it‘s cut! its georgous! please let me know

J Klp says:

I’ve been watching your vlogmas videos forever ! Please do them this year. I will die if you don’t lol

Craft With Mary says:

can someone please answer me: would i get copyrighted for using music playing on the radio in my car too in a youtube video???

nicole wolfe says:

Where is your bed from?

Jess Rod says:

I am so bummed you are not doing vlogmas 🙁

Harli says:

You should do a natural raw wood look desk for your room, it would balance out all the black and white

Nicole Marie says:

Her “dumbest purchase of the day” was literally the last thing I bought from Target the other week. LOL Girl, they are gonna look great in your apartment!!

Aga Boo says:

Wow I never knew she had such a big following, I feel like watching her vlogs is like watching paint dry.

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