Dollar Store Furniture & Decor

Some great finds from Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree to organize and decorate your home.

How to make a Dollar Tree Wreath:

Key Shelf: Family Dollar ($6)
Rose Gold Mirrors: Family Dollar ($10 for 3)
Cubby Shelf: Family Dollar ($30 with bins)
Flowers: Dollar Tree ($8 for 8 sprigs)







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FrugalSimpleLess says:

Great Vlog. Love the wreaths I think I just might have to make one with my daughter. 🙂

JereneG says:

I love what you did with your dad’s entryway, in fact I may copy it for mine! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Tiana Carthan says:

this really just made me mad this isn’t dollar tree furniture smh

Linda H says:

<3 your wreath!

Amy Nguyen says:

Dollar tree and family tree are different. This is clickbait and misleading title.

Sandy Rousseau says:

Hi can you tell me where you got the white boxes they look amazing

Deb Parks says:

Love the ideas!

Karen Medina says:

Very nice!

fitAlittlebit says:

luv the wreath.

robin m says:

Hi , I am actually planning to buy the dollar tree cube bins only, so just want to know how are they? are they durable?

InfinityAquatics says:

How much is the flimsy thing

Felicity Ebare says:

Actually Walmart has really good prices on furniture. I found a dresser/chest that was about $22. I also found a really nice desk that was around $50.

LUV ONE says:


Maria Cisneros Toth says:

I love the flower wreath! Subbing your channel! 🙂

Kit Ming Lau says:

Hi, I found your channel, and you are amazing. Love the tips so much! I would like to ask your opinion about the bookshelves in Walmart. Some of the are under $30, do you know if they are a good buy? Thanks!

eggy1225 says:

Your such an inspiration, thank you for always sharing!

Faye Hines says:

“Dollar Store DIYs! It was 10 dollars!” Wait…what?

LA Page Makeup says:

Love your style so much!

iAmCarmenBrown says:

she rushed thru this waaaaay too much… hahahaha

Hazel Meldrum says:

Off topic but did you see Carson’s little hand in the mirror?

robinmad9 says:

I actually have two of those key shelves in my bathroom. I love them because they are very sturdy unlike the ones that tilt down.

Harris Brothers says:

$30 wtf, never paying that much for a item at a dollar store

Get IT J says:

Thank u for the commentary on the storage units. I jus brought the one u said was flimsy and now I will take it back. It much was smaller than I thought so I debated about putting it together. Now I knowI will not. My Wal mart and target have comparable prices. Target sale Prices though

Vonna O says:

Woo hoo Family Dollar.  You can find some awesome stuff there especially to decorate the walls, can’t beat the price!

Georg Ackstaller says:


Just Me says:

Thanks for the info on how to make the door wreaths.

rg36inlove says:

Nice wreaths!!

Raymond Leggs says:

that last shelf looks like an Ikea kallax clone

Bre Leilani says:

I love your channel! ❤️❤️I’ve been watching for along time!

IMChrysalis says:

Not only do we not have ALDI’s here, we don’t have Family Dollar either. T.T

Judy Holden says:

spokane wa does not have stuff like that.

Penny Proper says:


Jerry Tate says:

I love, love, love making wreaths! Yours were very pretty. I always get my flowers at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General. I’ve noticed that Family Dollar has good home decor. I had heard that Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar  too. Two great places to shop….:)

Maria M says:

Although great ideas, please choose which store to advertise. Dollar store is far from Family Dollar

Audria Liane Perez says:

I love your wreath! So beautiful ❤️

Mistress Neviah says:

walmart 6ft tall bookshelf is $30. us in the hobby use them when we are on a budget for our hobby rooms to display miniatures, gunpla, trains, terrain, and scale models, etc.
No disrespect to you at all I was just hoping to find something cheaper that I could use to hold my gunpla, funkos, and other models while my friend is borrowing mine until he gets paid for loaning money to a family member.

Danette Martinez says:

I recently purchased a Interiors by design entertainment center with doors(holds up to a 42 inch flat screen) the problem is that there are no instructions and I’m pretty sure there are pieces missing can someone anyone help me or is there a video on YouTube that I can watch please help me thank You

MsFukeneh says:

misleading..i admire the things ppl can do with dollar items..not  30 dollar items…I don’t care what umbrella you think youre under any one can do décor cheaper..but the brilliant can do it cheapest!

Nikki says:

love the decoration ideas, I will look for the cube organizer at family dollar.. love your videos.. keep them coming.. 🙂

Kim Groves says:

Great as usual love your video’s 🙂

Kristin L says:

I wish we had Family Dollar!  What you’ve done is lovely.  Absolutely LOVE how you help your Mom, Dad and Friends.  Your talent is an amazing gift from God.  So glad you choose to share it with us. =)

Brianna B says:

Kathryn, the wreaths are beautiful, do u make any to sell? u could have ur own little side business with these and the acrylic water arrangements! but do u use any kind of glue to hold the flowers in the wreath, how do you keep them from sliding out? (i dont use hot glue guns, never have!)

Stephanie M. says:

I love all of your videos

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