I love doing things on a budget and I love being creative, so I thought in the spirit of my DIY PROM DRESS being such a viral hit, I would do it home decor style and show you how to make your own furniture cheap, easy, and fabulously!

so here is me, DIY-ing a thrifted furniture..weird vlog tutorial style 😛


1,810,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂


similar dress:
similar shoes:

marble contact paper:
gold spray paint:


Paige Brown says:

You have the best personality.

Helena Rodrigues says:

Amber will always be a kid at heart.LOL
Love ya gurrllll. Keep doin whatcha do. ❤

Avianna Diaz says:

For those who are asking why the spray paint was locked away is because people spray the paint and smell it to get high off the chemicals in the paint

Jaylen Somerville says:

What does it say on your necklace? Does it say YouTube lol ?

Sajina Shrestha says:

Is she barking ? My dog barks same way

cakesoncups says:

amber, nice car and all but like couldn’t you have been more realistic with your purchase??? girl got rich real fast and can just call Ubers any time she wants to bring large items to her house….

Daisha Richards says:

CAN YOU PLEASE DO A VIDEO OF THR LUXURY ITEMS YOU OWN like your bags and shoes!? If they aren’t real, can you make a broke and bougee video lol I love you btw! ❤️❤️❤️

amelia b. says:

yea i think she’ll hit 3 mil by the end of 2018. if ur new here she has a board with her goals and getting 3 mil is 1 (: like if u think she’ll do it!

Dhia Larra says:

your voice is so annyoing but it’s okay i still love you

Zoe Z says:

Am i the only one who thinks that it‘s more Green than golden?

Caroline B Miller says:

I wish she would tell us the total price including the supplies

Meghan M. says:

Noone even tells Amber to stop filming in stores lol, like oddly enough that hasn’t happened…. Once!

matilda oversby says:

She should make a series called “Drab to Fab”

Queen Scarlatte says:

5:36 that noise u made lol

__bleeding. heart__ says:

I love her outfits they’re so cute. But I could never pull it off as good as her.

Skylar says:

You should decorate your balcony for a video!

Nicole Talbert says:

That is so nice, it turned out really good. As usual. Open a Shop Amber.. You sitting on Millions

Aya A says:

Your voice just gave me cancer.

paballo mafora says:

you make my day xoxo

The Donkey says:

Can I steal some of her peppy ness

Lingua e Cultura Arabe says:

Seriously… i will not finish the introduction… thumbs down

Stephanie B says:

Amber dear for future reference it’s supplies not ingredients when diying/crafting <3

Averie Kate says:

youre so creative i love you so much yo

Luckie Xiong says:

When I wear a strapless dress what I always worry about is having a tan line

Mariam Nabih says:

I just realized u rlly remind me of Harley Quinn idek why tho

Claudia Guidotti says:

When America has better security for their spray paint than their guns

An Nguyen says:

amber.. you should do a mukbang and just share stories from your life… it would be so interesting!

Ran says:

PLEASE. Anybody out there using spray paint, follow the directions and hold it far enough from the surface you’re painting. It looks blotchy and bumpy if you don’t, especially with something glossy or metallic that catches the light. Do yourself a favour.
Also, personally I would have removed the lattice from the middle. It’s unnecessary and the table would look more chic without it.

Umma Farzana says:

u talk funny..

Vannah Jay says:

I like listening to throwback Britney Spears songs too lol

Abbey Hamilton says:


Heidy G says:

Amber that was such good project. I got into a new house myself, and all these little projects of ours had helped me to get some ideas… thank you!!!!

Dayanara Villalvir says:

Why haven’t you grabbed a tripod since that you could stand your camera?

Alice Ocasio says:

Wow love love, good job….

Taylor Hunn says:

OMG Amber! What lipstick are you wearing in this video! I LOVE the color and would totally be something that I wear! ILYSM❤️!

trisha sampson says:

You are so talented it fricking ridiculous.You should have a home decorating show i would definetly watch every show

lonjun santos says:

That crop top is more expensive than that furniture….

Mattatron Wrightbot says:

Where is the blue sweater from!! I love it sm!!!

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