Hey Friends!
Thanks so much for watching this video! I think I have collected just about all of my furniture for my new house. Everything so far has been thrifted!! I can’t wait to show you all the finished look! XO
Let me know what videos you want to see on my channel!

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Myz.Thrifty Imperfections says:

that store got everything, i love thrifting what city and state is that store in

Mckenzie Ferre says:

So much cute stuff in that second store! Obsessed!

Lalalalalexy says:

“Omg thats so cute” “cool” thats adorable” “omg look thats so cute”

Carolyn Watson says:

This Was So Good so I Saved….. thank you…

Beth Lovett says:

This seems like a museum

vickycaro says:

I’m sure you get this a lot & I feel like a creep saying it lol I’m not those people that comment on YouTube either lol BUT you’re beautiful!

Cheekygrrl says:


Fashion1st says:

I wish we have these stores where I live..tfs

Nail Wizz Tech says:

The two red armchairs were fab x

Ruby Taylor says:

Love the outro music, what is it?

Edie Bluntzer says:

being with your dad!!
makes me really miss my daddy

Britani Wilson says:

Oh that’s exciting! I drive past that building all the time too and never looked into it. I had no idea that’s what it was on the inside:) definitely going to have to go there and take a look around.

Julie Nolan says:

Are you Alex’s sister? Your maneurisms and voice is just like hers. Alexandra Garza of course

Sam Holloway says:

I’m so upset that this is so far from me. There was SO much in here that is my style.

pennellkay says:

All  those  white / printed baking  dishes  are Corning Ware. Very   good  stuff.  I have a bunch if it in the  white   with  blue Cornflower  pattern.    Some of it t can be used on a  regular stove top  but there’s also a  white  electric cook top  that  goes with the set I  have one of  those.  Contact  paper?  Noooooooo. Cheap & tacky looking  stuff.  You  could  Mod Podge  the top  using  material… Or  wallpaper. I’ve seen  tables and side table  tops   covered in  wallpaper.

Joan Jones says:

Thank you – great video. and you are beautiful too!

Rehana zafar says:

I never saw this big thrift shop ever

Forgotten Way Farms says:

My whole house is thrifted, I love thrift shopping 🙂

HeyLiz says:

Wow you’re the worst type of customer . Touching things with your dirty shoes and throwing the displays off the chair .

haileigh hall says:

I have chairs like the ones in the beginning..the cream ones.. I bought them at an antique sale for like $18 for the set. Mine are a light green color and I have them with my white and baby blue distressed table. I love them.

Jill Orlove says:

Ikea has the marble paper
You can order online.

GinaGypsy says:

Ola, off subject but tell me all about your shoes plz!!!

Sharli Cantrell says:

Wow those thrift stores are great! The ones in my area have mostly clothes and almost never have furniture.

Mr.Pasta says:

You are so pretty!

lovelyamerah says:

This was an awesome thrift store!! Saw a lot of things I would buy. Those Pyrex bake wear was to die for!!

Argo Grayson says:

what thrift store is this?

smileygloriah _ says:

anyone wants subscribe! i do thrifting videos!

Abby M says:

your skin is so clear omg!

velia garcia says:

Your skin is so beautiful

Nancy Galicia says:

Do you have veneers? Teeth are perf!

Ariyal sirrah says:

I love antique furniture stores but they are usually so incredibly high. That’s why I love love love thrift stores.

Mayella Rosa says:

Amazing furniture in the Warehouse. Love all of it. You looked so lovely.

Earth_to_Kelli says:

Love your vids! I live in Michigan also! Def heading to GR this weekend to see that shop!

Kerry Rice says:

No DIY video? ☹️

Rosane Kirinus says:

How sweet that your dad seems to enjoy thrifting with you.

Samantha Rank says:

You should try an apoxy table top for it.

Linda Doucett says:

ridiculous prices

char says:

stop the heavy breathing and just get to the point

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