Before & After Interior Redesign-No Cost Decorating

This living room suffered from the “doctors waiting room” effect. That is where all of the furniture is pressed up against the walls. In this interior redesign makeover Kim Smart of Smart Interiors uses the homeowners existing furnishings and accessories and gives the homeowners a fresh new look without spending a dime!

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Video Production by Nick Wetta


humamuneer9 says:

you are extreamly talented..i love it.the best before and after

ArtOFabric says:

wow amazing, this is great!!. how can we possibly reach you for some inquiries?

Donna J Smith says:

not loud enough

mackenlov7 says:

Can you please come back with these projects again. What happened to you???

Zara Chom says:

kim is super smart

stvnixrcks says:

UGH… the word is not “intimint”  it’s intimate!

Naughty Hotdog says:

Is she directing traffic?

Soledad Deavila says:

Love it!!! I live in NJ, do you know how much will it cost to have an interior decorating person to help me with my own space?

Filomena DiStefano says:

You are awesome…..I love how you transformed this room… is hard designing around a baby and toys.

Monica Cliver says:

way to cluttered!

cik skema says:

babi.. bagiku awak begitu istimewa

Julie S says:

For utilizing only what the homeowners had in this space, I believe the designer tied everything together in a very elegant way, adding space and beautiful angles.

Marziella Pascual says:

The two big sofas on an angle really make a difference!

Dianaemanuel says:

Great job!

Ratitime says:

no room for the baby to crawl around

Jackie Bautista says:

You’ve just earned yourself a new subscriber. Love your videos.

Vanessa murrell says:

The redesign is much more inviting and cozy. There is even open space for the baby to crawl around or to set up a temp play station beyond the furniture. Briliant! Never thought about moving furniture away from walls.

Cathy Schneider says:

I like the furniture change, but the couple’s toddler still lives here. Now that her toys have been banished, she’ll just entertain herself by smashing the crystal and glass. Or, the designer could have listened to the couple’s needs and also worked a play area into some of the open space while using accessories that would be less dangerous and easily damaged.

Hello World says:

You should do lots more of these videos. Most of the time what people already have truly reflects their lifestyle & their personal design but most of the time, people just don’t know how to tie it together. This is brilliant

Cyn'sEmptyNest says:

This was excellent!

Gina MacDougall says:

That’s not true. It was far more kid friendly than  the before look, and she does have to use what’s there.It’s not her fault there were few thing’s that said one year old….. like storage pieces

Cleo Ashbee says:

I see what you were going for, but honestly….too many angles. They also have way too much big heavy furniture for such a small space which doesn’t help. That being said, it looks better than before!

Dianaemanuel says:

Hi Kim – this video brought me to your youtube page. I really love what you do with your ‘no buy’ projects. They’re inspirational. I’d love to see more of these! Thanks.

Donna H says:

Very nice.

/ says:

what a great idea to go in someone’s house and rearrange furniture and decorations. what a fresh perspective.  even if the owners don’t like everything she did, they get new ideas and are forced out of their box.

Evalyn Benitez says:

omg people its just furniture, chill

zahria says:

Brrr.. what a terrible room.

And to add that disgusting black ottoman tops the misery!
All we need now is some old man , stinking of tabacco or shaving..

Millicent Amponsah says:

love it very nice

Gina MacDougall says:

I’m in despair over my place. I must have a sanctuary to return to, not just a place to sleep.I am mired in stress and confusion….  I am happy with much of what I have ,but am all over the place. please, I am desperate for help

klj788986sbb says:

They need to downsize their furniture, in particular discarding that ottoman.

Beryl White says:

Furniture on an angle is very displeasing to the eye. It creates a felling of unease. That’s what I was taught in my Interior Design course anyway. Two chairs squashed together is also a “no no.”

Cook-ee Irvin says:

Smart Interiors didn’t do enough to LISTEN to the client. They clearly said they used this room for their young child in addition to entertaining guests. The only thing that catered to the child was an ottoman that was there to prevent the child from bumping its head. There was no plan on how to include the space for a child when guests are not around. I do believe a major part of interior design professionals is to LISTEN to your clients.

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