HEY ANGELS! Welcome to my DIY IKEA HACKS video 🙂 I share my top 5 hacks that have transformed my apartment! Don’t forget to subscribe!

HACK #1 – Marble Desks
Marble vinyl – http://amzn.to/2wOjcG8
Side table – http://amzn.to/2g1u3G1
Desk – http://amzn.to/2xzVLF6
NEXT fake flowers – http://bit.ly/2z6vJ9v

HACK #2 – Dressing Room
Malm chest of drawers – http://amzn.to/2gc0vJq
Mulig clothes bars – http://amzn.to/2gw1GQN
Clothes rack – http://amzn.to/2ybgDPT
Fabric hangers PINK – http://amzn.to/2g24Z1u
Fabric hangers WHITE – http://amzn.to/2wOZhH8
LED shelf – http://amzn.to/2g27IrQ

HACK #3 – Mirror
Mirror – https://www.therange.co.uk/mirrors/full-length-mirrors/sophia-lean-to-mirror
Spray paint – http://amzn.to/2xzixwX

HACK #4 – Dining Chairs
Chairs – https://www.lakeland-furniture.co.uk/regent-grey-velvet-1/
Paint – http://www.wilko.com/gloss-and-satin-paint/wilko-non-drip-gloss-paint-pure-brilliant-white-25l/invt/2411540

HACK #5 – Headboard
Clips – http://amzn.to/2gwVjwO
Sheer curtains – http://amzn.to/2kH8vUt
Fairy lights (the ones I have) – http://amzn.to/2g1TKpP

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Home Decor IG: @ellenorjanehome
Twitter: @elledarby

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Jesua Javier Ruiz Macias says:

Eres de las personas que sube de los contenidos más tontos y superficiales que se dejan ver por YouTube.

Ayrton Mclaughlin says:

wow. what’s on your face. hurts my eyes

John Smith says:


Bat Taz says:

What’s wrong with your lips? You allergic to something?

Bady89 says:

Very good … It´s close to what a dublin hotel could look from the inside.

Jzabehl89 says:

Don’t blame the paint. You literally slapped on a ton of paint on each chair and then complained about the drips and drying time. You can still sand down the drips and LIGHTLY paint over them again if they bother you.

Motrip 75 says:

Hate you deserve and no respect for your hotel story!!! Learn English!

Where The Hart Is says:

Elle I love your DIY ideas ☺☺ xxxxx

Joshua Duron says:


Darth Brstnitrx says:

The marble paper is called contact paper

Kelly Chinnock says:

Omg best video ever i love u!!! Hahaha

Carolina London says:

Whats with the fridge? Rusting?

II DinoOreoz II says:

Elle: “Can i get a woop woop”
Me: ” WOOP WOOP ” (my mum got mad at me for yelling xD)

ザキエル ザキエル says:


Ozge Ozturk says:

Hi! May i ask, whats the difference between malm and kullen chest drawers? Imma use your idea and make a wardrop like yours but kullen is cheaper, so wondering if there s a big difference between them. Imma put all of my clothes in it and use a hanger like yours, is kullen smaller or smth? Thanks!

Turi Krasniqi says:

If she fucking says boo one more time

Yuna Park says:


T Mursee says:

For the painting for the chairs you put to thick of a coat and didn’t clean off all the excess before you started painting. To get it 100% Solid it should’ve taken at least 2 to 3 coats

dayja c says:

Where did you get the white flowers from?

Ray Kappo says:


Francisco García says:

Este es el canal de la naca que quería gratis las cosas? Jajajaja!

Mach ́s Selbst DIY says:

Damm Nice!!! We’re collecting DIY ideas on our channel – maybe you´ll have a look 🙂 best regards

3DEX ART says:

Thanks every one of you

Oumrassim Mohamed says:

Hello i like your ideas

ChloeLiveTV says:

I have the same laptop as you what software do you edit your videos on xx

Rafael Galeano says:

esta es la perra que queria 5 noches gratis en un hotel jajajajaj, ponte a trabajar

Fatii C says:

I mean can we even trust your recommendations anymore!?!??! Are these links affiliate links!?!?! Are you making money from our purchases!?!?!?!

Ida Magdalenova says:

Loved this! Where did you get the fluffy rug thing in front of the mirror?

devekut2 says:

Why do you feel you deserve free stuff?

Bridget B says:

Yolo peeps cool hacks

Layladventures Here says:

Each time she says pound I think about weight!

destiny marsh says:

Where did you get the couch?

Bonnie Wilsoni says:

is it me or did I see poop at 4:56?

Krzysztof Jurczenko says:

please, no one is special. get a hold of your ego and bring ir down a notch.

ふぁんきち君 says:


Sheena Rehema says:

The marble thing was genius gonna copy lol


Just a suggestion, you should move the mirror in the back bc it’s a big distraction seeing your reflection.

Not Tryin' To Hear You! says:

Bargain Queen? Pfft.
Try ZERO dollars for 6x chairs $250 each or $1500
ZERO for smoked glass dining room table. was $1500.
ZERO for 3 piece set of round, hand painted décor storage table and matching storage boxes was $500.
Zero for 2x queen size bed/Box Spring set was $2500 each or $5000
Zero for 2x queen size mahogany Headboard and frames was $1000 each or $2000
Zero for queen custom made memory foam was $7000
Zero for 3x mahogany desks was $1000 each or $3000
Zero for 3x desk chairs was $250 each or $750
Zero for 2x vanity chairs was $250 each or $500
Zero for decorative living room chair was $900
Zero for Zero-Gravity full body massage chaise was $3000
Zero for 3x mahogany High Boy dressers was $1500 each or $4500
Zero for Mahogany Low Boy Dresser was $200
Zero for Antique Treasure (Storage) Chest was $3500
Zero for full size mahogany jewelry Armoire was $350
Zero for component stereo system, and mahogany cabinet $3000
Zero for 2x 78 inch flat screen Tv’s $4000 each or $8000
Zero for Glass TV Stand was $300
Zero for zebra wood side table $300
Zero for zebra wood tv dinner trays set $300
$75 for 80 inch Flat Screen with built in surround sound system and storage stand set $8000
$1800 for 3x 50 inch flat screen was $1200 each or $3600
$700 for current white sofa and loveseat set was $2200
$700 for 4 piece mansion Solid Mahogany Living room table set (includes sofa table) was $2700
$2700 for mansion Queen curved sleigh bed, Curved Dresser, Mirror, TV armoire and Marble top Nightstand was $15,000
$2200 for mansion matching dining room table, 6 chairs and buffet and hutch (9piece set)
(Formal Dining Room Matches master bedroom furniture)
$500 for 5x 14 ftx 18 ft white Genuine lambskin rugs was $11000 each or $55000

I’m not getting into the décor, lighting window dressings, bedding and art collection. lol
Let’s see, Total I spent $8675 and Total I saved $137,600.00
net savings $128,925.00
I win!!! Damn, Glad I can type fast! lol

Maggie Price says:


ian hardwick says:

ouch you need to learn how to cut the corners better lol

Loony fox says:

I love how cozy you look while working on ur stuff. I’m the same way 😉

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