22 BEST Budget Home Stores

What are your favorite budget home stores?

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a. DIY Bohemian Party Decor: http://bit.ly/2aOCGBR
b. DIY Tropical Brunch Decor: http://bit.ly/2aN4PGd

Thank you guys so much for watching!! Many of you ask where I buy items, and this is a short list of my budget go-to’s. I can think of a few I’ve missed already and more to add in the future. Do you agree? Disagree? What stores do you love?


P.S. HOUSE TOUR COMING NEXT WEEK!!! Also, I moved, and I’ll have tons more new rent-o-vation videos coming at ya asap. Plus, a couple youtuber room makeovers & some furniture & storage DIY’s. Get ready!!

Filmed & Edited by Vanessa Rud


Marie Falzoine says:

Can you do a video on diy redo of furniture?

Elena22 says:

Yes on the Craigslist vid.

Madeleine Sedillos says:

You have the EXACT SAME voice as Lindsay a

mexibbcakesify says:

Mary, I’d like to know where your floral bedding is from?

Khou Yang says:

Please do craigslist video!

Madeleine Sedillos says:

You have the EXACT SAME voice as Lindsay Albanase!!

Marie Carty says:

Oh please please do a tutorial on Craig’s list. We’d all appreciate it! And Thank You!

Karen Arellano says:

Ikea products are so cheap because they’re manufactured in China. It’s best to buy “made in USA” products. There’s a huge IKEA in Burbank and it’s actually bad for small businesses which tarnishes our economy. A cheap alternative can be thrift shops because you’re reusing. Either way it’s really hard to avoid made in China products since most corporations hire cheap labor.

Lovin Life says:

Thanks for sharing your shopping resources. Would like to see a video covering Craigslist; both shopping and selling things.

hopeisthething says:

Yes to the craigslist tips!

Luis manuel Silva says:

❤️ your jumper!!!

CJ Morris says:

A link to a list of these stores would be great -:) Especially because this video hopes a bit fast -:(

singincherry says:


Cheryl Hubenka says:

You’re the BOMB Mary Elizabeth! Yes…do show us some of your Craigslist secrets!

Yenny bermudez says:

yes please do a craigslist video!:)

Heather Richmond says:

You ROCK! Ppl can be SO MEAN with their keyboard courage. Thank you for being brave enough to show the world your space. It’s perfectly you! That’s all that matters. Inspiration and admiration is optional! So happy that you are your space! Fun with lots of personality!

Maryam Mohammed says:

I love vintage and boho styles I love the clothes and colour you choose so much شكرًا جزيلا فديو رائع

Fun Kids Learning says:

cool videos, i subscribed, please sub mine, lets grow together :))

Lu Ch says:

Love ur videos and personality! But I have to know….where did u get that awesome outfit???

Angelica Guerrero says:

“I bough underwear there” lol no shame in that. I didn’t even know they sold underwear there, might have to check it out .

Maryam Mohammed says:

Gold is where you find it

sandie lindemeyer says:

LOVED this video! Thanks for all the great locations. You’re the best! Great style, fun stuff.

Lisa Colalillo says:

Great video! and love love love your print outfit…where did you get it?

mygtxful says:

I would love to see a video on selling on Craiglist.

FReada Reheard says:

Can you do a video for top stores for 2017

Ashley Gohl says:

My Lowes for some bizarre reason will not cut down the shades.

Alexander Flores says:

you remind me of Rachel Bloom

Maryam Mohammed says:

I love ❤️ your address plz where you purchased it and how long ago

Jennifer L. Bassett says:

loved the video!! we have a ton of stuff both in our garage and in the house that needs finished to be sold. sometimes I wish I had a store that I could sell this stuff at but I don’t want to give them the 35% commission for. the few times I tried to sell something through craigslist I didn’t have one little bite on anything. I feel I need some major help in this area!! I’m hoping you could help me in this area!!

Tookie Clothespin says:

1st time seeing your channel. Have schnauzzie, will subscribe!!!

Bellz89 says:

I just discovered your channel and really enjoying it! Lots of great tips for upgrading my bedroom 🙂

MySharon says:

Would love to see a craigslist video

Aasiyah Muhammad says:

those candles are at Walmart now

Kate Malone says:

Homegoods is my favorite for… coffee mugs!!! I don’t splurge on plates and glasses and stuff like this, I mostly buy those from the dollar store, mismatched, I don’t care, but… I loooove me some quirky, cool coffee mugs!! I found SO MANY good ones at Homegoods in that area near the cash register with all the knick-knacks!! Thrift stores are my fav though, especially for home decor. My tip would be not to discount the scarves and draperies areas! They make for great decorative finds, from ethnic/vintage tapestries to cool patterned scarves that can be used for some great DIYs!


Cool need the tips

catalina penescu says:

Hello ! What is your Facebook ID ?

4.3 Hall says:

Never heard of Ross are they regional? Live in Massachusetts

Hamid Crump says:

You’re very beautiful and great choices to shop for affordable items to decorate our homes

Yvonne Juju says:

please do the Craigslist

Michelle Freitas says:

Please, please, please make a craigslist video. Love you and your new place in the orchard.

Sarah Norment says:

Wait, I’m not subscribed? No, this will not due! 🙂

Oodololly says:

Burlington Coat Factory is shockingly good!

Pradakill1 says:

Where is that blue couch from???? That you was showing on urban home

Cole Sinclair says:

Does anyone’s know the name of the art that Mary bought from One Kings Lane? I love and NEED IT.

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