2018 Home Decor Trends !!

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Hey Penny Pinchers thank you so much for tuning in. In this video I share some Home Decor trends for 2018 that you may incorporate into your home. Love ya!! xoxoxoxoxoxox



Sherry's Crafting says:

love my teal.

Carol Belfon says:

Thank you

It's My Life says:

This is a very nice video. You look beautiful as usual. I love your style . As for trends I love being in the know about trends. Its what sells in the stores, because merchandisers have to keep up with the latest and the greatest. It doesn’t mean you have to be a trendy shopper by force by no means.  It’s available for those who love it like you and I. Sometimes I mix modern decor with classic to give the decor a little life. Awesome !

Robin Harris says:

II like your videos.Your new subscriber to your channel.I’m using navy blue and silver in my living room and all though my home.

carol T2 says:

Thanks for the advice Chelomie. I am not a trend follower but may pick up some of these ideas in accessories such as pillows etc. That way you keep some of your money in your pockets. LOL!

BlackDawg says:

Color is back!!! Woot! Woot!

rebecca herrera says:

Love the video! I’ve been toying with switching to jewel tones the past couple months. I want a video on eyebrows from you. Yours are perfect!!!

PhenomenallyFlyDiva4 says:

Love the things you showcased, but most of all, I LOVED your advice, to paraphrase, “do you.” Thank you for sharing! XOXO

Christine Jones says:

Same here Chelomie(Smile) Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Cook says:

informative video thanks for sharing!

Dru Maynus says:

I like your disclaimer at the end

Lachelle Whitehead says:

Will you do a video on window treatments?

Janell Hammer says:

Royal Purple and Gold are my favorite colors, to decorate with. Black and white are classy together. Thanks for sharing ! New subscriber, from S.W. MO.

Monica Sanchez says:

I guess I don’t have to do anything I’m already in trend, lol: my livingroom I have a black velvet couch and loveseat with teal/agua accents. My bedroom is black/white/gold. And my dinningroom I have a curved couch that is white with gold trim—BOOM!!!!

Linda Bell says:

Great tips!

RebeccasRoses says:

I am so happy to see your video. I waited it out and now my big floral and red furniture is in style. I have a curved davenport too. I am going to have it recovered soon. You have the best style ever. I love your top with that necklace it is gorgous!! xx Becki

StyledBy Kira says:

I love my teals and black and white!

Omi says:

I am very happy to have come across this video because the colors you said are trending is what I have in my house. I just need to figure out how to make it work. I just subscribed. Thank you, @The Glamorous Penny Pincher.

Leticia Germain says:

I was using teal too lol. I used Teal, Orange, Gold, and silver. I don’t really trend, I just buy what I love.

always exploring says:

love your video!

DealswithLadyP says:

I love this video, it was very informative. I hear you mentioned navy and I’m loving my new navy blue purchases. TFS

Wide World of Trains says:

Nice video and presentation, seems like the trend is that the trend is change! Im a new subscriber have a great day

Marsha Anderson says:

Thanks for the tip and I love the current furniture specially in the loud colors my sister has to purple velvet curb furniture in her front room and it is beautiful she have had it for a couple years

J.S.S. Records says:

Hi Chelomie,
Well, it’s 2018 and you are back in full force. You are looking glamorous!!!!!! Love your research on decor. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful info.
Silver Shirley, Vicksburg, MS

Marva Hollis says:

Thanks for sharing the new trends for 2018. Maybe a few throw pillows in the large florals will be all I can take. Lol.

Dee Mari says:

Nice video, you presented it well! While I’m not a trend follower, I set my own style, I do love looking at the different decorating ideas and have huge collection of decorating books. Keep up the good work!

Bubbles Butterfly says:

I have just started getting things ready to do a gallery wall with mirror Decor pieces and I am not going to get rid of it. I do have two large statement pieces… 1 in my living room and one in my bedroom. I’ll keep forever cuz they’re gorgeous their recreations of old paintings and one is a real painting. I think like a lot of us you should not get rid of your gallery walls. I adore your great Style!❤❤❤

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