10 High Tech Gadgets For Your Bedroom


Ethan Willoughby says:

Does anyone know what the PlayStation button displays in the thumbnail are called

Samuel Pet says:

Curved TVs are bad cause you can’t really look at it when your watching from the side

Death-NVK3 says:

This video is stupid af smh

soolly 357 says:

The curved tv is so 2015

Superz Biz says:

Big Ass Fans hAIKU…

Linnie Hardin says:

Dream room I can see it now

Erza Uchiha says:

fuck i was clickbated i wanted that playstaion thing..on wall…FUCK

Tidal Yacht says:

Curved TVs are worthless. If anything, the wallpaper TVs unveiled a few years after this video are much more interesting.

Colonization says:

Half of this is just beds…

Not a Furry says:

If I see the Hi Can bed I quit

Lizzy White says:

look at all the things i cant afford!!

TheRICHIBOY461 says:

I would break that plasma light shit and then all the electricity would bounce in the room and I would die

Cola and Soda says:

These must all cost a fortune

Arnav says:

curved screen is so 2015. Just get a 4k flat screen in 2017

Don Quixito says:

Architectural cult secrets I was going to study in my spare time the ropes course for when my kids are ready to get at more ideas and more rooms of a house was ridiculous but funny….worth mentioning….so is using the heat from a stove and plannable situations as they transition into others…..

The Watcher says:

Not even close of the picture thumbnail Smh who else click on this video saw something cool of the PlayStation lights lol

Drunk_sniper Xd says:

In the future : damnit I forgot to charge my socks

action ka Lion says:

latest gadgets https://youtu.be/FVmKSb3kBb8

Richard Lew says:

The bed will keep track of all the humping going on top of it

Clarence White says:


Dusty Kuban says:

What is the background music?

Julian Chernin says:

1:58 i was like damn thats pretty nice. i google it… $50,000 wtf

Ak Fitness says:

I love mod light

Bobtastic ! says:

1:10 you used the wrong “it’s”. You used “It’s” when you should’ve used “Its”, because the latter shows ownership. It’s opposite of normal words.

TheRICHIBOY461 says:

big ass fans lmao

Blue.Gotti says:

top 10 gadgets for the rich

TheManWithCandy YT says:


Lizzy White says:

worst music

Catmato says:

I have number 6

Spring Creek Woodworking LLC says:

Check out these Smart Nightstands http://www.smart-nightstand.com

Alexais Duran says:

i want the Playstation frames on the bathroom thumbnail !!! but can’t find them online helllpppppppppl

Dylan McKinnon says:

Click bait

Rick Niu says:

There’s no reason to buy a curved TV…

Ryan Ellis says:

whatever those fans are it told me nothing

The Bowman's Vlog says:

lets vlog together sometime!

Roy Ramirez says:

does any one know where to get the PlayStation neon lights in thumbnail?

DragonWithAK says:

Sorry to say it but i cant afford sonys 1000 dollar smart wall gadget

Hyperskullz JR says:

The projector is only $24,998.00 on. Amazon

BolanTooBig says:

I cant figure out where to buy the luna mattress cover

SuperJahobo says:


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