Z Review – Nepolean 42″ Electric Fireplace

Find it Here [http://amzn.to/1GEVJ8f] . The heater works REALLY WELL and it looks amazing. I think the actual Italian marble tiles and cinderblock hearth finish it off nicely.

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franco guinard says:

Aren’t the fires too short?

ziggy8757 says:

nice tv zeos, which model is it?

Butt Itcher says:

Wow how do you use any kind of speakers living in an apartment? i’m scared i’ll get kicked out!

trexx32 says:

Chicks dig electronic digital fires

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

So a single lady says “it’s pretty cool” and now you automatically assume all chicks will dig it and that you’ll get laid?

CJRhoades says:

So THIS is what you’ve been blowing all that Patreon money on! =P

Obi Shinobi says:

How well does it heat up your place and how much powerr does it use?

T Ξ C H N O says:

Oh, so this is were the fireplace is 🙂 I personally think its too clean, but still gives a good feel to the room. THAT PVC idea! Basically I think the reason women love fireplaces is that it gives them the feeling of a secure environment (as that is what women prefer because survival reproduction etc: secure things they like em)

KrishKrusher says:

4k TV?..

ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

there is literally nothing about your apartment that is attractive to females. sorry.

Joshua Flournoy says:

Is your landlord cool with all this??

Av.B.W says:

Wait, can you turn the beep off?
Otherwise, I’d be ready to pull off this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNZ-w5XYVZ8

maulCS says:

If you’re using the Active LEDs on the Vizio, it fucks up the fleshtones (but the blacks look amazing). One of my major gripes with mine

lizichell2 says:

good to see those studio 530’s in pride of place

cheese says:

TV repair guy here, if you didn’t spring for the warranty on that vizio plug it into a surge suppressor. they’re very sensitive.

Aeruthus says:

Girlfriend: Why are there so many wires?
Me: Wait…. watch….. (I rewind to the part about women and wires)
Girlfriend: Laughs hysterically

Later I tell her about hiding the wires in the PVC “I like that idea”. New plan is woman approved.

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