Why I Hate The Girl In The Fireplace | Doctor Who Episode Review

VEDA 2018 Day 18/30 – My thoughts on “The Girl In The Fireplace” Doctor Who Episode.

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DngnRdr says:

Almost everyone I’ve read, seen, heard from that dislike this episode have been big Rose Tyler fans – their reasonings differ but that seems to be consistent.

Алиса Некрасова says:


Azzain96 says:

Personally I love the episode but your points are interesting.

the whovian with a small collection says:

i know how you feel i hate the nuwho series after sereis 1 i means there are some good episodes but jesus did steven moffat lie on how good he was i mean you cant say hungry earth and cold blood are better than the origonal 7 parter dr who and the silurians

edit another example is roses exit i dont like it i love her character from series 1 series 2 was like a whole different person i mean lets have a look at my fav exits jamie and zoe from the classic era jamie and zoe are sent back to there origonal time zone (here that new who time zones not every companion has to be from the 21st century) and how many adventures do jamie and zoe get to remember 1 … jamie was introduced at the beggining of the 2nd doc era and he only remebers 1 adventure rose knows there were privous companions yet thinks she dosent deserve to be left behind and knows the doctor is like over 2000 years old he must have seen people die so she should be all like i got a god damm blessing that i was saved and with my family insted of dead

cat says:

tgitf works as a stand-alone episode, as does voyage of the damned, but it doesn’t make any sense in the context of season 2. if it had happened at any other point in ten’s arc, it would’ve made more sense and i wouldn’t dislike it so much.

if it had happened before school reunion which, imo, solidified the doctor and rose’s relationship, it would make more sense.

chromosome boo says:

I’ve gotta agree with you… the episode itself is a cool concept but I hated this episode for the reasons you mentioned. I absolutely hate the way Steven Moffat writes David’s Doctor, we saw this here and then later again in Silence in The Library, Forest of The Dead and even in the 50th Anniversary. It was pointedly obvious that Moffat valued his characters over the existing ones, Rose and Mickey have nothing to do. The Doctor wanders off goo-goo eyed over some french aristocrats mistress. Moffat’s writing infuriates me because of this issue, it got worse with each season when he took over.

Harrison Dourambeis says:

I was kind of waiting for her to address the creepiness of the episode

AubreySciFi says:

What about the odd writing of Rose in Sarah’s comeback story “School Reunion”?

Helgamond Ratbone says:

You’re way off base on about everything. For instance the love triangle is between her, doctor, and the king.
This episode isn’t about showcasing how smart she is. It’s about what sparked her imagination and helped put her on a path to out of the box thinking.
This episode is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. And I’m not even a big Who fan. It has everything. Humor, drama, suspense, horror, comedy, love story, and a sweet twisty cool ending that wraps up the mystery. Fantastic writing! And so compact. Few 2 hour movies hold this much wealth.
Easily top 5 new Who episodes. My personal fav. Probably like Midnight second. Later!

Kaldor Kandoka says:

“Don’t abandon your companions Doctor” … ?
Considering 5 just left Tegan and 7 left Ace and Hex in a nuclear Time bubble Rose and Mickey on a spaceship (with the tardis) isn’t that bad

thatcedric says:

Mickey was invited by whom to what?


Didn’t like it either, over rated episode

Larry Phillips says:

Am I the only person who never saw the Doctor and Rose as a couple?

Lissie Hickman says:

I mostly agree with you on this, I think the story itself is really good and I (as a self-proclaimed history nerd) would really like some more history based episodes. However I totally agree with what you said about the doctor just ditching Rose. I love Rose and I think the story would’ve been so much better if he hadn’t abandoned his character.

Passenthru Alaska says:

Wasn’t a fan of that episode either. To each their own.

cindy coss says:

What happened to your pinkie?

Kaldor Kandoka says:

Eps I really hate with an undying passion :
The Doctors Daughter
The End of Time
All of s9
Pyramid at the end of the world
Twice Upon a Time

Stephanie Reacts says:

I forget the doctor met Amy as a child also and she grew up and she fancied the doctor, so wats the difference with amy and madam de pomador??

George Radcliffe says:

I don’t understand the argument that she is just used as a romantic/sexualised character when she was able to read the doctor’s mind! It clearly shows she has exceptional mental abilities

James Wong says:

you do have a point. lol

Crash Bandicoot says:

I hate this bullshit story as it focused on romance way too much and I could not give a flying fuck about Pompadour.

Adi Shpigelman says:

Can you explain why do you like rose so much?

Elizabeth Salvatore says:

How can you over sexualize Madame Du Pompadour?!! She was a “courtesan” A woman who was selected for her abilities in the bedroom. The king didn’t like her because she could garden. She was exactly known for her sexuality.

She was sleeping with the King while he was married. She was the “on the side” woman. Picked to be his mistress. She may have been educated, but her main purpose was not to be the Queen, that spot was already taken.

the king choosing her was not for her ability to talk about a wide variety of topics.

You should not impose today’s attitudes on what was a totally different era back then. And her being a very sexual person, does not negate her being intelligent, but that was her role in life. To be a sexual person. That she was intelligent, educated and well thought of was just a benefit and most likely the very reasons for her longevity with the king.

Context is everything.. And in that day and age, whether we agree with it or not, is most likely how she chose to survive in what could be a very brutal back stabbing jealousy ridden life. She had to be clever, intelligent and also appeal to the king very strongly. Her biggest weapon at that time would have been her ability to keep the king’s interest. If he truly loved it, and she him, she was still the official “on the side” form his wife who held the place of honor among society.

Cuttin Edge says:

What’s your opinion on Amy? Because a lot of the complaints about Madame Da Pompodour apply to Amy.

Francis Bartoszewski says:

Over the years this has gone for a meh episode for me to one of my favourites. Tbh I disagree with all 4 of your points but I guess that’s what opinions are for. For example I absolutely hate The Doctors Wife

Btw Rose is also my favourite main companion (Jack is my favourite overall) Her, Jack and 9th Doctor definitely deserved a whole series together.

Laura Gantz says:

What about River? Fantasizing about the handsome Doctor and stuff…

Adam Parker says:

Doctor Who Wednesdays is a great idea!

Geoff Mason says:

suggestion for dr who Wednesday : random classic reactions

TheKarlOshaughnessy says:

I mean she was basically a clever Prozzy you can’t not sexualize that.

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