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An important part of every smart home is the smart TV. Today we wont be looking at the TV however, we will be looking at the TV mount. Since we have a fireplace with a hallway on both sides, my living room layout has limited options for TV placement. Basically we’re limited to in front of the fireplace or over the fireplace. in short, we are in need of some kind of mantlemount solution. The problem with over the fireplace is that it puts the TV up too high. And, obviously, in front of the fireplace prevents fireplace use. Not to mention it puts furniture in a place I would rather it not be.

So to solve our problem, we purchased the Right Height Mount from Dynamic Mounting, which is the little brother of the Down and Out Mount. This retractable tv mount lets you place your TV above a fireplace mantle, and then pull it down to a comfortable height when you want to watch TV. I will show a time lapse of the installation process at the end of this video.

In addition to the feather-weight vertical adjustment, Right Height also has a swivel feature, which is perfect for when I want to watch TV while sitting at the bar. The Right Height Mount is a little more expensive than other vertical lift mounts, but the simplicity of the installation and the swivel feature make it easy to place the TV in the various viewing positions makes it worthwhile.

Right Height by default uses two wall studs, unlike most of the other drip down mounts that only utilize a single stud. It will hold a weight up to 70 pounds, which is more than enough for most of the newer televisions. In my case, my 65” Vizio E-Series 4K TV weighs in right at 50 pounds.

The installation kit came with all the hardware required for my configuration, including the lag bolts, washers, spacers and TV mounting screws. The mount went onto the wall in minutes thanks to the detailed engineering drawings that explained every detail related to mounting height and adjustment options. We put the swing arm mount on the wall. Then we attached the television mount bracket hooks. After that is was as simple as lifting the TV and placing the hooks onto the swing arm.

We routed the cables in a way that would allow us to place the TV in any position while still hiding the wiring and allowing free movement.

The Dynamic Mounting Right Height Mount is a solid product that has been elegantly engineered. And it makes my TV look great on the wall. And the automatic 7 degree downward tilt is a nice feature when the mount is in the up position.

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dipti ashish says:

Hi, John! Thank you for sharing this. We are planning to buy this one but in your video, you mentioned that is has adjustable swivel and here at “ “, they mention that it does not swivel feature. So it’s little confusing. Do you have right height mount or down and mount? Please let me know!

Jay M says:

Great job. Keeping all the beer bottles out of camera view during the installation video was a nice touch. Ha!

Chad Collins says:

Can you explain where you’ve placed your components? I’m a clean and neat freak and am hoping to get my dynamic mount this week. I’m just curious how people get their cabling cleaned up.

Trac Nguyen says:

thank you! just what i was looking for.

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