REVIEW: Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz with 3D Flame Effect Electric 1,000 sq ft fireplace

REVIEW: Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz with 3D Flame Effect Electric 1,000 sq ft fireplace.
Infrared heat helps maintain the natural humidity within the air, resulting in moist, comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air.


Kelly Young says:

Thanks! Nice to see it working in a real home with no editing experts to jazz it up, so we can see that it doesn’t need jazzing up. This is the most realistic flame I’ve found so far that doesn’t involve mist and that I can afford. Nice review.

Casper Audi says:

Good job

majorghn says:

Just received mine today and set it up, the door hides the console so as you know to use the remote we have to open the door first, pretty stupid in my opinion.

My question is this, how do I increase the temperature with the remote, when I press the temp icon on the remote it shuts off the temperature, their is no up & down button?

Joshua Matthews says:

What a waist of time looking at this video.

germanshepherd13 says:

you sound like ray romano

Nancy Moore says:

Thanks, I will be receiving the same one today from Amazon. Hopefully all the screws will be included.

cyprus1309 says:

Hi and thanks so much buddy for your review I have just purchased the same fire and had E3 kept coming up on display and heater tripping !! I didn’t realise that it worked with the room temp so your review helped me alot Thank you from the UK

Joanna W says:

Thank you!!! I just ordered one from Amazon! ✌️️

Doc savage says:

Get ready for a super large electric bill Ray

Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia says:

it looks very cozy

Sir John Doe of PennsWoods says:

This isn’t a review ..just some dude on his meds acting like he’s a YouTuber

krankenheim13 says:

I think you’re holding the button too long.

Memphis Reines says:

You are an IDIOT

Melanie Roach says:

They are selling for 170$ now, wow. Wish I bought it last year.

Covfefe says:

Thanks Dad

Ilham H says:

Cools stuff. Too bad i have nowhere to put it.

mercoid says:

Got mine today. Plugged it in about 2 hours ago and I don’t want to turn it off because it’s so pleasant. The heat output is very good and I love the overall look and flame effect. I’ll be putting it in an enclosed porch off my garage which I have set up like a little cabin.

Doc savage says:

Mine has been in the closet for 3 years now…too expensive to run…now I heat with wood and propane

Laura Heslin says:

Thank you for this post! It looks so beautiful I am about to buy one! Too bad for inflation :/ I wish it was still $117!

charlee mcwhirter says:

I bought a bronze one but I got it for 189 you got a better deal, how is yours holding up?

OutNProud500 says:

These are so cool, I have a smaller version of this one that I use during the winter. It sure runs up the bill though!

Lorry Meakin says:

I did find dimensions online. Could you please measure the front glass?

R B says:

the 10 second count pertains to the remote only =) i own this very unit.

Damnit Bobby says:

Thanks, I won’t be buying this, it’s over engineered. A simple On/Off switch and temperature dial like a stove/oven is all that’s needed.

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