Maison Martin Margiela Replica Collection Jazz Club & By The Fireplace REVIEW with Redolessence + GI

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Doughboy Manning says:

My favorite duo! Thanks and I’m in! Getcha SMELLYEAH!

Galzura says:

By The Fireplace is my favorite. It just brings an image to your mind instantly

ThyKingz says:

I’ve seen this house popping up in a lot of ebay stores. Nice video!

Lucas A. Brauns says:

Fireplace all the way!

sdrawkcabvag says:

Always love the double reviews

Kevin Tejalaksana says:

I loved it when you say MMM, because its a very strange and long name..haha. I never try their scents, but from your description i think those 2 are really good one.

Cheryl Lopez says:

Jazz Club was love at first sniff. Great comparison review.

Stefanos Stefan says:

MMM fragrances sound very pleasant, I ‘d love to smell these!

Nathan Pyhtila says:

Jazz Club smells extremely similar to Oud Noir by John Paul DuPont. If you ever have the opportunity to smell it, you have to try. Hard to find these days as it has been discontinued.

Bernie777 says:

Some think Jazz Club was a bit feminine. Personally haven’t tried it. I do trust your noses, so I think I would love to try By The Fireplace! Great review.

pandora p says:

Nice review and comparison between the two most popular MMM releases. I actually prefer By the Fireplace. Would like to hear your thoughts on Soul of the Forest from the same house. Thanks, Carlos and Steven.

Michael Richmond says:

I like the idea of a fireplace-y smell. I think adding a bit of cocoa or marshmallow to the scent would’ve been great too.

Chris Park says:

I love jazz club. Great video as always!

sorryremix says:

It’s a nice house & by the fireplace is just lovely . Perfect season for this type of scent . Count me in please & thank you gentlemen . Good luck to all !

João Lima says:

Hey Carlos! Never tried any MMM fragrance, but would love to have the oportunty to sniff them.

Cheers! 🙂

Lou Arenivar Chavez says:

Jazz Club sounds great !!You can’t go wrong with vanilla scents during fall and winter Hmmm!!

Robbin Reza says:

I havnt got to smell these yet.. saw them at dubai but I didnt have time and too crowded! 🙁


I like that it was a short and to the point video i have never tried anything from this house, please enter me in your giveaway and have a great weekend both of you.

larrygeisler says:

Can’t go wrong with either, but would love to win jazz club. MMM is great at putting you right where they say…

Saurabh Mishra says:

By the fire place is essential poison

Vishal Agrawal says:

BFLR another cool collab. Good one guys. Cheers!!!

Keith Montgomery says:

I have three favorites from this house. By The Fireplace, Jazz Club and At The Barber’s. Depending on my mood, the time of day, event, season or application each one of these fragrances has it’s place.

Joe Burda says:

Thanks for the video. You MUST try Maison Martin Margiela: At The Barber’s. A wonderful barbershop fragrance.If you’re a fan of barbershop fragrances…’s a must have.

sérgio Teixeira says:

Love how you guys help us “imagine” the scents, the info behind the perfumes and the house are invaluable.
PS: Carlos, the camera on the table shakes a lot.

Chris Adams says:

I absolutely love By The Fireplace and plan on picking it up in a few days. Im so glad you finally put out this review. I’ve been looking forward to your thoughts on these fragrance.

Ammar Ali says:

I would love to try this line! Been hearing so much about it! My fav thing is the collab, always love em!

Stephen F says:

Layer- By the Fireplace and Creed Aventus- compliment factor is a 10- a great combo

Mo HTown says:

I had a chance to smell these two along with At the Barber. I was 50/50 with Jazz Club, liked At the Barber but was blown away by By The Fireplace. It was the first scent I came across where the smell matched the title! That smokiness is something I never smelled in a fragrance before

recharg3 says:

I’ve never tried any MMM fragrance until now but i know for sure jazz club has a lot of hype around it. Great video.

Whickerpedia says:

My wife likes At the Barber’s, reminds her of Platinum Egoiste. I prefer PE. Would love to try these two.

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