Maison Martin Margiela By The Fireplace Review W/Outtakes + Giveaway

Maison Martin Margiela By The Fireplace Fragrance Review
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Maison Martin Margiela By The Fireplace Review

This is my Maison Martin Margiela By The Fireplace Review. I was never really a big fan of the brand Maison Martin Margiela’s fragrance offerings but for some reason I fell in love with Replica: By The Fireplace. It’s warm, cozy and very slightly smoky. It’s vanilla dominant with chestnuts for a dominant note with the vanilla. So By The Fireplace was right up my alley. It also kind of reminded me of Eau Duelle by Diptyque, at least it was in that vanilla neighborhood of slightly boozy, slightly peppery delicious vanilla scents. So I had to pick this one up. There are a few other Maison Martin Margiela fragrances that I also like but this one tops in my book.

Replica: By The Fireplace retails for $125 for a 100ml and it’s a Eau De Toilette. The fragrance is more niche quality than other designer fragrances and that’s what makes this one unique for a designer. The bottles are great looking, so great presentation and overall look. Maison Martin Margiela Replica: By The Fireplace is a perfect fall/winter scent as it’s getting cold outside By The Fireplace will wear so nice and cozy. And tasty!

Maison Martin Margiela Replica: By The Fireplace bottle was purchased with my own hard earned money for this review. The views and opinions are all my own.

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Doug Citizen says:

Great review, you too make a great team together. Please consider me for this giveaway. I’m in the United States.

Jim R says:

I’ve really liked the handful of Maison Martin Margiela fragrances I’ve tried at Sephoras, but there was just something common about them that made me not purchase a bottle so far. This one sounds interesting but, with all gourmand fragrances I’ve tried, it will be love or hate, so I would love putting my nose on it here in Virginia. The outtakes were too funny…

E.S. Grey says:

I’ve not tried this but I’m really interested now. Some birch or something for a smokier element would be good.
I’m in Arizona.

Ben Reesman says:

sounds perfect for wisconsin weather! would love to win.

Brian Ramos says:

I sampled by the fireplace… by Maison margiela .. and I loved it it’s amazing and last long which fragrance from maison marigela is the most compliment getter that leaves a good trail scent… for men? Like which maison margiela cologne for men is the best that when you wear it people compliment it, and when you walk by people can smell you….

Bronxsky1 says:

I love this fragrance I sampled it last week at sephora but settled for replica “Lipstick On.” -Illinois-

Alison Carberry says:

I have this…think Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside (but a little more smoky)

Christopher Stein says:

I’ve been wanting to try something from this house. Arizona.

djmontyforyou says:

I want to win because I have smelled it many times in sephora and it smells so unique. Maryland

Darren Newell says:

This should make a perfect scent to wear on the train heading to work in morning here in Illinois.

Jerry Hall says:

Nice to hear your thoughts on By The Fireplace. It sounds like something I would love to sample. Thanks for the chance! State: FL

Patrick Echevarria says:

Got and been enjoying this when it came out last year. Reminded me of chesnuts and marsmallows grilled by the fireplace or fire pit. I’m not really fond of sweet fragrances but this was an exemption. It was love at first sniff. I could use an extra travel atomizer since ’tis the season to enjoy this once again. San Diego.

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Thanks for the video & review. I love the bloopers. I’d love to win the 10ml atomizer of Maison Martin Margiela By The Fireplace. Would participate by giving my relative address of NY.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Every time I try Sephora to test this one (and Lipstick On), they never have them! I love stuff like CB I Hate Perfume Burning Leaves, For Strange Women Fireside Story,etc. I’d like to see how this compares. Could you equate this one to smelling like Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside candle?

mr1980chris says:

in Wisconsin! I got a sample from Sephora, awesome stuff! like roasting marshmallows over a fire

Fernando Garcia says:

That was a nice review of this fragrance Sebastian, I would love to win this in order to experience something new and interesting. I’m in Florida.

Gabriel Garcia says:

nice. it reminds me of SL fille en?

Spencer Johnson says:

I’ve never tried a MMM fragrance. I’d love to try one! Houston, TX

M Maddox says:

So happy you guys picked this one !! It was on my radar:)

Mian A says:

Allways Great review

Becky Ivary says:

I love this one. Received a small sample from Sephora some time ago.

Heather Matthews says:

Texas here!
i have desperately been looking for a “signature fall scent” and every time i search online for a vanilla/smokey perfume this one always comes up! i have watched review after review trying to piece together everyones thoughts on it to know if i would enjoy it or not, but i just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend $125 on a perfume I’ve never smelled! none of the stores around me ever have it for me to test, which is a bummer. i want to try this fragrance so badly! fingers crossed! thank you for the opportunity to win!

Jose Vancouver says:

Very nice review. I own Jazz Club from Maison Martin Margiella and love that one.

totalxindecision says:

I could definitely use a new snuggly, cozy scent to blanket myself with. I’m in Nevada. Thanks for the chance!

Dale D says:

As with any fragrances, it really depends on skin chemistry. This one will last all day on me personally, along with Jazz Club- this EDT even beats the longevity out of Cartier’s “L’Envol de Cartier” even though it’s EDP.

This is definitely a banger in the collection though, perfect for fall/winter- can go either way male/female imo. Great and honest review!

MagnifiSCENT X says:

I smelled this at Sephora. I love it!!! It is a fragrance that I personally believe deserves more love in the community. My two favorites from this Replica line are this and JAZZ CLUB. I love how their Replica line replicates their fragrances from a certain environment. From Ohio.

Jer N says:

I’d like to try it. It sounds interesting. The description sort of makes me think of Aquolina Black Sugar, except with chestnuts.
I have some clothes from MMM. I’ve smelled a few of the frags, and have a decant of Jazz Clubs. It’s an ok fragrance, but overpriced and the drydown is really underwhelming.
Im in MI

WallStreetBlues says:

This wouldn’t be out of place in the Tom Ford Private Blend line, reminds me
Slightly of Tobacco Vanille, with the dark smoky, vanilla and medicinal undertones… very gourmand!

Marlon Jones says:

I smelled this fragrance at Sephora, and it was amazing.  Thanks! Maryland

svtang03 says:

I’m happy to see this video, Sebastian! They were practically giving away samples of this at Nordstroms, and I had never heard of the brand. I further judged the fragrance by what I thought was the brand name, “Replica”. So, they went untouched for a long time. But boy was I blown away when I tried this! To me it’s just that, a delicious scent of chestnuts roasting by the fireplace. I love it! I’d love to win the 10ml atomizer of by the fireplace because I really love this fragrance and it’s perfect for this weather but I can’t quite buy it at the moment! Also, I’m in Texas. Do you have any other fragrances you love from this house, Sebastian?

barrywa39 says:

Brilliant review. It is on my MUST sniff list now.

Ian Ng says:

Great channel you have here! Have been eyeing this fragrance for some time now, still have the scent strip in my wallet. Thanks for the giveaway, I’m from Singapore.

Mark Kornak says:

This has been on my “to buy” list. I’ve sampled it at Sephora and really like it. Thanks! Illinois

Craig Karoses says:

I live in Idaho. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m not familiar with this house. I would love to win this so I can try something from this house and the notes sound amazing. I love Eau Duelle .

Le Flare says:

I have no experience with this house. I would love to try. Arkansas.

Galzura says:

It’s hard to keep up with the fragrance world! Michigan

aaron luke says:

I didn’t even know Margiela did fragrances. This is a must try. Sounds pretty spicy and a tad sweet from the note break down! NYC 🙂

ddpanda says:

I love this scent! I just tested out several fragrances by Maison Martin Margiela last week at Sephora. I smelled Lipstick, too. It smells weirdly good! But I love By the Fireplace.It smells smokey on me. I get a bit of frankincense, too. It totally reminds me of a candle made by Slatkin years ago called Fireside. I’d love to win this decant! I live in NY.

Michael Bayne says:

I don’t really have a gourmand so I figure why not break away from the spicy fresh scents and do something different. Wv and no I have never heard about this company.

AGentlemansJourney says:

Very good review. This is a delicious scent.

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