Maison Margiela – By The Fireplace Replica, Perfume Review

Is Maison Martin Margiela’s best selling replica fragrance, By The Fireplace, up to the hype? Is this the all season perfume that we’ve been looking for?


Neo Guy says:

Nothing that I smelled from this house at Sephora impressed me, including this one. A totally pass of all their offerings.

Luciana Savaris says:

Same experience here with this scent. I like the whole idea of chestnuts, burning woods, marshmallows and the very first second after sprayed. Then, it turns chemical, annoying, flat, cheap. I sprayed on my wrist and coat, I had to sent the coat to dry clean because the chemical leftover remained forever.

Scent Snob says:

Yup. I had a very similar experience. More than anything, I _instantly_ recognized the smell of an incense stick from a hippy shop in the early 90’s. And I mean _exactly_ that scent. AND, of the several from the Replica line I’ve tried, three gave me the exact same experience, of a synthetic aromachemical from the 70’s-early 90’s era that they simply duplicated or stole. Some of the scents I kinda like, but by no means love and would never wear. They held my interest only as long as it took to sniff them, then I was no longer interested.

A bizarre line. Fireplace was definitely the most disappointing, considering how much it is hyped. Cheers!

arthur phillips says:

Smelling it up close on a piece of paper is not a true test of a fragrance. Have you tested on your skin? Have you smelled it on someone else? Smelled it in the air off of someone’s skin? Tested how the fragrance transitions? I wouldn’t trust recommendations from either of you if a paper test is all you need for a review.

ehlesdee says:

This one was industrial strength chemical sweetness to me. Definitely s’mores isn’t how I would describe it! I do think I might have liked it if it was the first Vanilla gourmand I ever smelled though. I saw a Maison Margiela Replica pop-up in LA when I was there last week but I couldn’t really think of a reason to go in, lol. Beach Walk was one of the first fragrances I ever bought, but I’ve grown out of it TBH

Best Brands Perfume says:

Your thumbnail was awesome.

Pez Scents says:

Please test on skin. Is this a ball sprayer, and will it give me a rash on my balls?

Bellesativa says:

I got a sample of this because it was supposed to be smoky and spicy cozy Christmas scent. Overall, it was spicey sweet citrus but no smoke. I didn’t think it was particularly plasticky which would have a more sharper undertone. I liked it overall and got a travel size that is overpriced. Too busy with Ganache Parfums year end sale haul to spend $135 on a full bottle of this. I think it’s more of a wearable home fragrance for someone who shops at TJ Maxx for Christmas, goes well with pre-decorated trees and wreaths (hence the plastic?), more designer than niche.

Loretta Bridges says:

Have they lost their minds? Why not make something that smells good?

Seemi Boutique says:

Thanks Andrew and Arlene you saved me £94 on a blind buy

Indecence says:

Thanks for the info

HiiiPoWeR918 says:

Thanks for the video! I thought I was the only one that disliked this fragrance. So many other reviewers are hyping this scent.

Randy Register says:

This was kinda gross. I only enjoyed At The Barber’s but it didn’t last or project very long. I’ve been wanting to try Lipstick On.

Cynthia Ava says:

I love this fragrance…something about it hints at MFK BR 540. Yes, sorry. It’s true. Also, I get tons of compliments on this one…esp in summer.

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