Jazz Club vs By The Fireplace | Maison Margelia Replica Best in Class

Maison Margelia Replica Jazz Club adn By The Fireplace are 2 of the most complimented and beloved fragrances of the last couple of years. The question often comes up “if you had to choosewhich one would you pick?” Sounds like a FRAGRANCE BATTLE! Enjoy!


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Please watch: “Most Complimented Fragrances of 2017 | COMPLIMENT MONSTERS”


Frank Martinez says:

Didn’t care for the dry down of Jazz club. It smelled like an old folks home. But by the fire becomes smokey sweet goodness.

Mark Molinari says:

Great video Kevin! I tested them both and I must say I prefer Jazz Club over by the fireplace more versatile IMO. By the fireplace is not a bad fragrance at all, very warming for the colder season here in Sweden! I think by the fireplace is very similar to Spicebomb from Viktor&Rolf (but with added incense/smokiness) especially in the dry down . Across sands is very long lasting and a unique oudy/sweet unisex fragrance that will make you stand out in a crowd both for women and men and I must say I really like it! Across sands is a great alternative for a man/women that wants a signature scent 1-2 sprays and your done for the day. Music festival is unique! I get a dark patchouli/bud (not lit)/hay smell but no leather. Great outdoor frag for spring/summer but not as versatile. I guess I would be happy with a decant (10-15ml) of by the fireplace and music festival. Across sands and Jazz club are bottle worthy! Dancing on the moon is a great frag as well although kinda feminine. My wife liked Tea escape I thought it was ok but not glorious. The only one I really didn’t like was Beach walk because to me it smelled like Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion =). Thank you and cheers from Sweden!

Michael Pittman says:

BTF is dope! Haven’t put my nose on JC yet. Great review Big K!

Jay Rev says:

By the fireplace is nice; it’s similar to fat electrician by e tat libre d orange but I like jazz club better

Andre's Growth says:

March 31 Days to the New You

Love Incorporated says:

Forced to choose, I think Jazz Club is a lil more versatile. So, I would choose it.

I enjoy both. If I’m going out at night, Jazz Club is defenitely my preference. If I’m staying home, I’d probably put on some By the Fireplace. Makes for an excellent bed time scent.

Liz Graham says:

By the Fireplace is “I wanna dive in” sexy…

Blackdragon79 says:

I had both and unfortunately had to return them. The performance is terrible for 128.00 I’m expecting to get more than 90 mins out of it. It’s so sad because they both smell incredible.

xskalibur says:

Thanks, Kevin. I’ve heard good things about this house. I gotta go by Sephora and check it out.

stantino129 says:

Love them both, but I’ll have to give the nod to BTF. The scent is intoxicating

Tired of Fools says:

Jazz Club is an absolute favorite of mine from this house. Followed by At the Barber’s and then By The Fireplace. As you have mentioned in this video Jazz Club is more wearable, and I also get the most complements with it vs By The Fireplace. With that said, I also enjoy By The Fireplace, but it is more of I’ll wear it to smell it on myself kind of fragrance on a cold winter night. MM Replica is brand I wish had more exposure because it is high quality and deserves some more recognition for what they are doing. Great video Kevin!

Isaac Hodges says:

Another great video. Thank you for that. Just when I thought I stopped buying fragrances you brought me back in. Looks like I’ll be hitting Sephora today.

G Spirit says:

Hey Kev! Im looking for a fragrance for the spring! What top 3 will you recommend for a male in their 20s living in humid weather.

Mike W says:

Great video and love both of these. – Just an FYI on your microphone; it’s a side-address mic not top-address. A quick speaking test into each side will quickly reveal the pickup side and your audio for your videos will improve substantially by pointing the pickup side toward you rather than the floor/ceiling as pictured in this video. Hope this helps!

Luis French says:

Great video bro, keep it up, I don’t if it’s me but Jazz Club reminds me Bentley intense, the only difference on my nose is that jazz club is more sweet, and more wearable, correct me if I’m wrong, cheers form New Jersey ,God Bless

Char Willie says:

I love “by the fireplace”. It doesn’t last long but I enjoy it.

Craig Robinson says:

Hi quick question but not video specific. If you layer with molecule 02 do you spray on top of, or underneath the fragrance? Thanks!

K. dot says:

love by the fireplace and jazz club. gotta get my nose on that music festival!

Tyrone E says:

1. At The Barbers
2. By The Fire Place
3. Jazz Club

Those are my top 3. Actually all 3 are almost equally great.

Victor Scott says:

i saw this company a few months ago… But these are oils? I didnt know this. i wanna try em.

xskalibur says:

Just picked up some samples from Sephora. I’ll let you know how I like em.

Eric Hall says:

I love BTF and surprisingly really like Barbershop. Looking forward to rocking Jazz Club.

39Deana says:

I love Jazz Club, have not try BTF. I’ll have to get to Sephora to smell that one.

Brandon Joseph says:

I own by the fire place, and it’s a monster

d_tha_g 504 says:

Love them both. At the store when I smelled them both and in store I picked jazz club but when I got home and smelled by the fireplace sample again I liked it more

sean mccullough says:

Allow me to start by stating that your style FORCED me to subscribe!

I own the full bottles of Jazz Club and Music Festival and the men’s sample. I absolutely love this house! It’s so fun a unique which are things I look for in fragrances as opposed to ubiquitous designers

Thanks again, Sir!

Jose Vancouver says:

Kevin – great video. I love Jazz Club. You just reminded me to wear it tomorrow!

poppa bear says:

Thank you for presenting two of my favorite fragrances. For me it simply depends on the day, either could be the best. I work around alot of women and each scent pulls compliments. I also think that Better With You by versace could be a mix of the two. A flanker perhaps. Just my take. Thanks again bruh.

victoria montoya says:

Thank you for this review. I’m looking for a cologne for my bf and I wanted to get something that not everybody wears. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Sephora close enough to get samples but I was looking into those two.

Reynold says:

Been waiting for a proper review of these two. Thanks Kevin, great job!!!

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