Dimplex Opti-V Solo Linear Electric Built In Fireplace Product Review

Check out the most realistic electric fireplace on the market. See it in action today!


Scott Blanchard says:

Would like to see this in a modern 50″ linear with the addition of a heater.

Mike Field says:

Some design suggestions for the Opti-V Solo
I would love to see unit that would easily lend itself to a traditional square design with a larger viewing area.
I know it’s the current trend to make elongated rectangular fire boxes, but historical fireplace boxes were square.   
 It would be great to be able to have the heater unit as well without having to make the log set size smaller.   Perhaps a thin heating unit could be located at the top edge of viewing area.
It would be nice to be able to have a way to adjust the flame height from roaring fire to dying embers.
The current sound for the crackling logs is more like electrical arcs instead of the true sound of crackling logs.
Dimplex is has a masterful idea here that just needs to be taken to next level of realism.

elain Cowley says:

I’m interested in the vf2927 L how much is it and cud I get one order from my local retailer complex shrewsbury

patty mcg says:

Scott…. from what I’ve seen, nothing Napoleon has even comes close to the flame effect of a Dimplex heater (I recommend the 50″ Dimplex Synergy linear heater). The videos of it don’t do the 3D effect justice. Dimplex patented this effect and the Napoleons look like a flat picture by comparison. The opti-myst and opti-v are an even better flame effect, but no heat.

JulieJackson1 says:

A lot of money when it doesn’t have a heater, but very impressive. I need to see it working in the flesh. On the hunt for a retailer in England!

Tom Chi says:

Recommend you actually raise and lower the flames, raise and lower the heat and explain how the system works. It’s not clear what the LCD does, makes it sound like an entirely screen generated system when it is not. How do the sparks occur? Does it require water like the Optimyst. How wide is it? What is the actual viewing area?

Appreciate the video. Would appreciate more if it wasn’t just talking about it but showing and explaining it. Thanks.

petro petrocelly says:

it always gets me that someone shells out 5 large for this lcd monitor in custom frame, since the gas fireplace installed is around 3500 and its real fire and heat

Ken Ellis says:

add a heater and I’d buy two of them but a fake fire without heat is just a fake fire. they were almost on to something here

Vinyl Techno Trance Club says:

i would get nuts of that repetitive light flashing.
just turn off sound and focus in the middle. not the flames but the light above it.

Kam P says:

My Name is Kamal Panjabi. I am on the look out here for exactly this for my new home in Mumbai.. Though i need this exact fireplace in inserted into my TV cabinet and the imitation flames coming out. I will email the photo to you. My email is lamak@biznetvigator,com I am currently in Hong Kong and looking for this in China. Let me know your email so that I may send the photo to you. Regards Kamal Panjabi

Carolyn Roth says:

*Excellent and unreal how much heat it blows out.I have a big basement and a garage. I put it in my garage in dead of winter while working on my bike and I usually have to shut it off after an hour. The wheels are great. When I’m done I push it rt back into finished side of basement and it’s great! [ This Fireplace >>>**https://t.co/WkdZ51EdkL** ]*

Mireille Albert says:

Super ou peu t’ont acheter ses cheminée en france

Сергей Акулов says:

Dimplex Sunningdale the best

Mike Field says:

Great product with the exception that the “actual visual area” for seeing the fire is very small…  Dimplex has had always a problem with having too much flange and not enough view space.
 I would love if the made this with an unobstructed view of 28” to 30” tall.  Or a  30” x 30” square.

Scott Blanchard says:

Trevor, thanks for the intro. Do you know if this will be available in a 50″ linear similar to the Napolean 50? How does the opti-myst effect compare to the Napolean electric effect?

Patrick Martin says:

no heater! are you Jerkin my gerkin?

Yoctopory says:

You have to move the camera sideways to show that it is actually 3-dimentional. Otherwise it looks just like a 2D-image in the video. 

Little Cutegirl says:

How do you do it though

Rober Tiko says:

“…the only thing it doesn´t have is a HEATER”, he said. LMFAO!!!!!

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