My first David Tennant review! Enjoy!

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HenryDude star says:

6:25 yes in the last story survival and in battlefield
but is several timelord stories it is said that the time lords are psychic like in the war games ware the timelord they burn someone’s mind using psychic abilities

The Paraxoid says:

I am back to this channel.
All I can say about it is:
<3 this channel!

Jamie Dawes says:

Does anyone else think this episode is really similar to the Eleventh Hour. For instance: There is a little girl, a strange man, taking the role of an imaginary friend, appears at the same time as a hidden menace, plot skips 20 or so years, both strange man and evil menace return, strange man defeats evil menace

derp hen says:

I’ve always assumed that 10th’s doctor was some what psychic and that’s why he could pick up stuff like the oods singing (A psychic race) or read minds. That’s how I’ve explained it, but yeah they should have explained instead of dropping it out of no where. However, my theory does have holes in it, like how he should have picked up on the Beast in the pit when it mind controlled the ood like he did with the oods hive mind.

Edmund Barker says:

Dat Michael Rosen reference at 7:41

Ivysaurman says:

Mental connections or whatever were a thing in the classic series, but I believe it was only ever shown between Time Lords, and not Time Lord to human (See the Three Doctors)


I swear I heard music from gravity falls during this review…

BrotherReese says:

Have / will you cover the Dr. Who episode “Blink” yet?

Nathan Moreton says:

What’s the episode that the woman from 1.02 is off?

Winston Guitar says:

one of the top 5 Doctor Who episodes of all time. When I accidentally chance upon Dr. Who in season 10, and see this total mess of a show that lacks even one redeemable quality, I remember Girl In The Fireplace, and recall that it hasn’t always been so.

Hijacked TARDIS says:

Despite being my favorite episode there is always one issue I’ve had, why doesn’t the Doctor just use the TARDIS to pick her up? We’re the scriptwriters just lounging around and said “Shit, we’ve done nothing. Quick write a script for the next episode! No, don’t check it over! Just hand it in and hope it works.”

LMartinP 96 says:

In ‘The Sensorites’, the Doctor tells Ian that sometimes he can read his thoughts. The telepathy has been established in the past


In the episode the three doctors, second and third were able to make contact with eachother and read one anothers thoughts. It allowed the second doctor to get a good understanding of what was going on.

Galax says:

Oh man what a great analysis of the first few minutes of this episode, you hooked me from the beginning and shed light on things I’ve never noticed about this episode, and it’s a favourite of mine. Great review, gonna check out your channel.
You were nitpicking a little bit on some plot conveniences but it’s your opinion and nevertheless you still said it was a great episode so it’s all good for me :p

fliggy91 says:

this is the first ep i saw lol

derpy gaming says:

i really hate when doctor who reveals the monster early on which it does pretty much every time now

Stoopid Studios says:

You’re so thick! You’re mister thick thick thickety thick face from thick town thickania! and so’s your dad!

Demon Rantz says:

Where’s the Half Blood Prince video?

Finlay Foster says:

Love these videos so much man, excellently written and super enjoyable to boot, keep it up! Also will you ever be doing a review of Howls Moving Castle? 🙂

Eric Mishima says:

lovee this ep

ljqueen McAwsome says:

I just want to throw this out there: I think this episode would of been better if mickey was the one who interacted with and had a romantic relationship with reinette. It would of given him character development, an actual role in the narrative and a better understanding of the doctor…

Josh Makin says:

Hey man i just found your channel, cant believe you dont have more subs for the quality of content. Keep up the good work 🙂

Tammy Cullers says:

loved it good review

Rose Tyler is the Bad Wolf says:

He chose to speak in an English accent rather than Scottish.

DeoDie says:

The doctor couldn’t read minds that’s just Moffat, however he could hypnotise…

armadillo storm says:

can you imagine parties with the doctor

H D S Chaubey says:

The sound of the galloping horse was coming because the doctor had fixed the audio link … Mickey mentions it when Reinette steps on the ship ! Bwa-ha !

Joey 15811 says:

I hate this episode.

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