Best Electric Fireplaces in 2018 – Which Is The Best Electric Fireplace?

► Links to the electric fireplaces that we mentioned in this video:

► 5. Touchstone Onyx (80001) –
► 4. PuraFlame Alice 50″ –
► 3. PuraFlame 33″ Western –
► 2. Southern Enterprises Tennyson –
► 1. Dimplex BLF50 –

In this video we listed the top 5 best electric fireplaces in the market for this year. I made this list based on my personal opinion and i tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more. If you have any other recommendations that you think deserve to be in this list, you can leave a comment down below and we might include your suggestion in the next video!

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john none says:

great review for this five product I think I prefer the PuraFlame 33″ Western, thank’s for sharing

Bibou SISI says:

Touchstone Onyx looks very natural !! OMG

Vitez Koja says:

If you ever have seen Dimplex BLF50 in live as i did you would stick with Dimplex BLF50 until the getting one.

Stefan Mitrovic says:

Well made list of electric fireplaces, thanks for the review!

marianna papapicco says:

I love the electric fireplaces give a touch of elegance and glamor to the environment..then then they are really fantastic!

riya cyrus says:

Very useful and informative video about electric fireplaces.I recommended to my friends.

Mile Stanoev says:

This is awesome explanation about best electric fireplaces, you must watch it this video !

William Khoury says:

I have a free-standing electric fireplace. I paid only $500 for it, and I just love it! Walmart has them, too, for as little as $270.


To make things look more realistic, I’d prefer to have a blazing flame and as time moves on you have a less of a fire eventually dimming down to embers. This option could be programmable. Just my kind of option I’d like.

Popular Videos says:

Useful video about Best Electric Fireplaces in 2018 . Thanks for sharing this video.

Supriyo Ghosh says:

This is awesome explanation about best electric fireplaces,nice and wonderful video. thanks for sharing this video.

Adel Larbaoui says:

for me Touchstone Onyx (80001) is the best Electric Fireplaces in 2018 …

Quotebro says:

Wow, this is what i want. Thank you very much!

Farte Razvan says:

Wow, I never expected electric fireplaces technologies has evolved so much lately. Thanks for sharing this information

Thomas Johnson says:

Me and my dad saw PuraFlame fireplace at his friends place. I mean for 400$ that’s good way to spend money and will fit in our cottage house perfectly.

palma raja 4 says:

Amazing with such simple steps learning from the video able to get the Best Electric Fireplaces. I feel so great.

Bilu Raj says:

Thanks this video gonna help me in buying best electric fireplace 10:12


#dimplex blf50>>My type of fireplace;-0)

spainluvr303 says:

*My mother in law loves her fireplace >>>**** she said it is beautiful and it heats her apartment nicely.*

Milan Goranovic says:

Touchstone Onyx will serve as functional decor for my room and i will use every time i want!

RK says:

Thanks for the information. Where do you get the cute video narrator?

Tygon Cao says:

This video is helpful, especially when there are so many fireplaces in the market right now. Even it’s your personal opinion, but I think it helps. Very detailed and careful explanation about the 5 fireplaces listed in the video, so I know which one is suitable for my home. I really like Touchstone Onyx, when you said it’s safe for children. Thanks for making this video.

Prabagaran Ravi says:

Really this video helps me to choose good and best electric fireplace for me. Thanks a lot.

roxi says:

I am not sure about all the products u r recommanding but for sure touchstone is nice product.3:00

Miloye says:

Thanks for the video keep it up

Ravi Hukmani says:

I am not sure about all the products u r recommanding but for sure touchstone is nice product.

Excel Expert says:

Now when winter is comming this video is in right time for us.Perfect reviev about electric fireplaces and for me the favorite is thirth in list.Thanks for video.

Avey Santez says:

Really useful information. Thank you for making this video

science freak says:

vote for 3

10BestOnes says:

► Links to the electric fireplaces that we mentioned in this video:

► 5. Touchstone Onyx (80001) –
► 4. PuraFlame Alice 50″ –
► 3. PuraFlame 33″ Western –
► 2. Southern Enterprises Tennyson –
► 1. Dimplex BLF50 –

Vəli Orucov says:

Great video with well-experienced information! Thanks for sharing this very helpful and unique review video. It was really useful for me.

ishtiyaq nabi says:

It was very helpful and very well experienced information about fireplace…Even before i never used this technology but now I’ll…
Thanks man sharing this helpful…


Detailed informative video about best electric fireplaces.Thank you for sharing this video

Sam Brown says:


Frank Seaton says:

Fantastic video review about Best Electric Fireplaces! Useful details and informations about it! I am satisfied with this presentation! Thanks a lot for sharing this video clip!

Make Money says:


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