Best Electric Fireplace 2016

Electric Fireplace that has realistic flames. Fits flat on a wall (if you have hollow drywall lol) In this video I will show you how the flame effects look, the installation process and where to find it at.

Visit to find this fireplace and other cool household electronics.

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Christos Rymenidis says:

LOL at the hole at the wall joke

bobzthecat says:

I mean, set inside the wall as you are planning?

Music F.Y says:

cool place

WWZenaDo says:

Ahhhhh…. If only I knew the brand name. NO SALE

dwayne dub says:

great review. good handy man job with the taping

Matthew Clark says:

I want sum thing like this. Looks pretty cool.

Magikalblackness says:

definitely need this….congrats on your new place…i live in philly thumbs up

Rhonda Fassett says:

Good share, but, you did not tell me anything about if it heats the room or remote controls or watts, etc

KPD Golf Society says:

crazy place to put a fire and unprofessional. i would not sleep under that for all the money in the world. useless video. cant even see the flames properly. talk talk talk guy.

Gilberto Willis says:

*[ This Fireplace >>>**** ] Bought this for my mother-in-law because she loves to sit by a fire but didn’t have the room in her home for a fire place she fell in love with this it just plugs in a 110 volt power and with the remote she just sits in her chair and watches it, was really pleased with the shipping was packed really well.*

Rob Rod says:

Looks nice bro good find! Great review!

Vulgar Vape Dude says:

I have a family member that is a finish / trim carpenter. He takes these elect. fireplaces and builds 4′ tall beautiful cedar chimney boxes & inserts them into it. This way you can move the fireplace to any room in the house w/ an outlet & looks like a real fireplace once it’s slid next to a wall w/ chimney without having to punch holes in your walls. Awesome for us in the Deep South where we rarely see snow! Great vid!

Gavin Donaghy says:

who puts a fireplace over their bed?

bobzthecat says:

how about seeing it working???

David Beecroft says:

should have cut the cinder blocks out 3 or 4 inches. simple to do with a masonry saw and a hammer if you take your time and are careful. just cut into the blocks with the saw 4″ and break chisel them out so the fireplace thing is flush and looks more organic. also, need to cut more sheet-rock out and replace the surroundings with faux brick so it looks like a real fireplace/chimney setup. the way you did it looks cheesy and fake

Matthew Clark says:

I have something like this at my house it get warm as hell when it’s on.

176bammm says:

Good quick fix for your project. My “Make it feel like a cold New England day” within an apartment…Bachelor’s pad; © a Samsung 40″ 1080p 120hz HDTV on a large kitchen table (re: If your cooking, and eating…Most Americans now a days do in front of the boob-tube…Hence the 40″ HDTV on the kitchen table- also connected to an HP pavilion 1st gen AMD A8, loaded full of archived, or streamed multi media goodness..HP laptop is connected to HDTV via HDMI through ATI-HDMI graphics adapter..So, my feel like a New England cold winter day is to run a HD fireplace screensaver !!! Works great…with the wide 16:9 ” screen, lights off, and a coffee in hand…Looks a like a fireplace… Flickering brightly in the dark…Just a makeshift bachelor’s pad idea….On the cheap…..

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