Trying Wish Organization Products!

Today I’m testing cheap wish home organization and kitchen products in a haul and review. We had some hits and some major fails. Subscribe to be a part of my macbook pro giveaway coming soon! CLICK FOR LINKS AND INFO ☟ ☟ ☟

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Wish home organization products haul and review! If you’re new to my channel I like to find the best budget friendly products – I do dollar store hauls a lot, & I consider wish like the dollar store of the internet.

*I try to link what I can, if you have any other questions ask me in the comments!

⇒ requires login to enter so I can’t link to the individual items shown, here are similar ones from amazon:
⇒ Hanging purse organizer:
⇒ Grocery bag dispenser:
⇒ Underwear drawer organizer:
⇒ Sliding fridge storage rack:
⇒ Purse organizer:
⇒ Purse organization video:
⇒ Triangle bathroom shelf:
⇒ Hanging kitchen trash:

*Questions/Updates for you*

What other types of wish products should I try? Or let me know other places you would like to see me try things from like Romwe, Shein, Aliexpress, Pretty Little Things, etc?

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Chelsea Umland says:

I’m new here

Claud Adams says:

I love how honest you are. Thank you I love your channel. It has helped me so much

Ancy Kaw says:

The last one comes with a lid. But I did not see any the video. The lid makes it better to hold the stink in if you are going to be around it for a while.

Krysten Lopez says:

PurseN purse organizers are so cute!

Rea B says:

Thank u for sharing, some of those items you have were what I was thinking about purchasing for myself, so Yea, u saved me the all fuss, and yes that last item u had the gabbage bag holder is wat I wanted, so gonna one!

FloresitaDeDios says:

Cool you showed some of the items I have been iffy to order. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna Bruce says:

NOTE ON THE “PRICE REDUCTION”: There was a class action lawsuit against wish and they got in trouble for all of the supposed price reductions. If I’m correct in thinking, the lawsuit is still active and you can get 25% cash back for the price difference.

Kinory says:

Try Alibaba…
You could find the same item, at the same price (even cheaper), and free shipping fee (if you search thoroughly)..

Linda Weddle says:

a chip
on a door knob or drawer rim is ideal to catch debris grocery store bags get recycled too

Irina Lak says:

Sweet. Yeah i always want it to try some of those items. Thanks for sharing. But what did you do to unwanted staff? Did they give you money back?

Rachel Carranza says:

I love your videos!! I’ve heard you say a couple of times in different videos that you do not use plastic grocery bags. Just wondering why. We recycle ours for bathroom waste baskets.

JoAnn Oliveira says:

I wish I saw this before I ever wasted time looking at Wish.

Katie L Clark - The Pretty Minimalist says:

The toiletry bag is a knockoff from a Korean brand called ICONIC. If anyone likes the bag but would like a better quality version! ☺️

Embroid Air says:

Thanks for pulling this video together!

Instead of wasting a ziploc or plastic bag for the counter scrap catcher just use an additional bowl. I always pull out a “trash” bowl when I’m cooking and throw everything in there so I’m not having to constantly run back and forth to the trash can. I saw Rachel Ray do this on her show years ago and have been doing it ever since!

p1nk havoc says:

Great video! Thanks beautiful ❤ super helpful

jmlakos says:

I have the purse organizer and yes the delivery time is long bcse i too have had the delivery of items i totally forgot about, lol

AllieMay says:

Hi! I loved this video! It would be amazing if you could possibly try testing aliexpress organization products. The ups with aliexpress compared to wish is shipping doesn’t always cost.

HK Lover says:

I love seeing the Wish hauls, and I especially like how you have already tried it out so we know what to get and more importantly what not to get.
I need to get that trash bag holder for the drawer. I want to try it out for my recycling.
Great video!

Erica Huerta says:

the original price cracks me up too! haha

Jozef Gadzo says:

Plys do case collection vide

Alyssa Stachowiak says:

Bruh the way she peeled the banana oml

Kris Jean Zamora says:

hi brittany! your videos are always informative. a lot of stuff like those are sold here.and its a good thing you made a review of those items. me and my baby are big fans of yours all the way from the philippines.

Dina Whited says:

Aliexpress has all the items with free shipping. Cheers

Jonathan West says:

I have that exact hanging trash bag from Wish and it is so useful! I live in a pretty small rental apartment with no build-in trash cabinet or space to put a trash bin. This one works really well (unless there’s something really heavy in the trash bag), and it can be moved around very easily, so I love this thing 🙂

Sarah T says:

You need to try Ali express!!shipping from that site is usually zero and it’s exactly the same as wish

Amanda Duenskie says:

Aw I like her

brigid donnelly says:

I think you are great to listen too you are easy on the head thank you

Farmhouse Chic’ says:

wish will refund you your money if for any reason your not satisfied. tfs

oogii jessica says:

I love Ikea underwear organizer. I put 2 next to each other for each drawers in my closet. My husband and I happy with how it looks so organized.

Paige Blair says:

The lighting in this video is too bright it’s washing everything out

melannlit100 says:

I got the purse organizer…did not work for me, the size on the video. Not functional for most handbags. Glad I paid nearly nothing. Ended up giving it to charity.

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