How to Make an LPS Vanity and Bathroom Accessories: Doll DIY

Learn how to make a vanity and toiletries for your Littlest Pet Shop pet using thin cardboard, scrapbook paper, glue, beads, newspaper ad cut outs, craft foam, and paper straws.

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Always ask for a parent’s help when starting a craft.

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How to make an LPS vanity.
How to make LPS toiletries.

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Angeline Ramsey says:

love your background music❤

Mythical _Wolf says:

How long does Tacky Glue take to dry?

That Unicorn that has Slime and squishys! says:

loved it but please slow down or do a sepret video for the bathroom supplies

KawaiiKottonKitty Aj says:

Tokyo treats? Is that what your name used to be +Rainbow Tinkle’s World?

Crazy4Cats says:

<3 your vids + rainbow tinkles world

Cole Willams says:

I like you, I’m gonna sub

Smith Insurance says:

you inspired me to collect lps fingers

Minka Cool lps says:

What I s tacky glue

sammy ThePicklePumpkinBBG says:

oh ok nvm xD

sammy ThePicklePumpkinBBG says:

can u use hot glue for this?

D TaG says:

Where do you get the little stick on mirrors?

PoProstu Ja says:

Supii <3

Crusher V says:

I am not trying to be rude but not everybody has rubber cement what could we use instead?

lpswaffletube says:

some times you tubers voice gets old after you listen to them to long but I’ve listened to you for a long time now and your voice never gets old!

Caroline Dances says:

How do you make the tissue box?

PoProstu Ja says:

Nabralaś mnie XD

LPS Underscore says:

How do you do THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LPS Galaxy Wolfie says:

o heyyyy its the vanity from dat one video

Glorious Lps says:

Love your vids. Please send me one of your creations

lps pretty paws production 33 says:

YOU GOT A SUB FROM ME! also this HELP me a lot!

creeper lover says:

awesome awesome

LPS PingPong says:


Jluvslps 03 says:

Wow new subbbb

Zayra Lozano says:

and look under you pillow

Katley Martinez says:

Lps piggy u suck and no comment plz

Павел Борисов says:

Very cool !

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