How to make a LPS Bathroom Vanity & accessories

How to make a LPS bathroom vanity with a sink, a mirror, and bathroom accessories, such as toothpaste and shampoo, LPS q-tips, and so on. See also: DIY LPS Shower!
jumbo Popsicle sticks
hot glue
straws of various sizes
kitchen oven foil lid
foam paper
q-tips and toothpicks
bottle cap for a sink – original idea by LPS PadshoProductions
Don’t miss my second Bathroom accessories tutorial, where I show how to make a blow dryer for LPS:


Gian Mercado says:

i like your ideas and i love it so much

Kaley Wiley says:

I always laugh at her the way she talks lol keep being funny

Destinee Tapia says:

why are you talking like that

Алина Цедеева says:


Ice Flower Winter says:

+PipeCleanerCrafts B you are very clever

Lenas Lovely World says:

My daughter (this is her account) wants me to make EVERYTHING in all your videos!! But I have found it takes much longer for regular people. LOL. I do use your videos though when she wants me to make something so thank you!! You are amazingly talented!!

simone says:

I love ur vids

Joey Torr says:

this is really helpful but my mom does not have money for all that stuff my dad does but he says he does not know we’re to get that stuff please tell me where to get all these stuff

Sumaiya Kabir says:

omg beautiful I like it

bluegameing wolf lps says:

you’re welcome

Jan Tittle says:

how do you get hot glue on your finger and not say oww!

Pat & Heidi Pope says:

I like your ideas for your lps

Useless Pineapple says:

+PipeCleanerCrafts B your my fave

zhumd says:

Please stop using hot glue! But you are always amazing!

LPS Starway Production says:


GravityFalls Cat says:

*My face when I saw you removing the hot excess glue with no harm or screaming* WHAT THE HECK IS SHE MAGIC?! THATS SO AMAZING

Rebecca Stevens says:

can you do a face reveal and answer questions vid ?

sunny flame123 says:

is it ok if I use cardboard? if not thanks for letting me know 🙂

Petruska Petruska says:

Very nice video

cali valentin says:

you are the best craft person to go to for dolls and lps I swear

Kory watkins says:

lps leann

kushiro kiraha says:


Jacobo Cuevas says:

es muy difícil aserlo

Gradle Crayons says:

Hi if you want can you show your face please reply

Jayla F says:

does anyone else find her voice calming???

Wilma Varela says:

so cuteeeee

sunny flame123 says:

oh and once I was watching you and my mom came in and laughed at your voice so sorry for that

Useless Pineapple says:

I love your vids and this helped! +PipeCleanerCrafts B

Peyton Elliott says:


TOY MILA says:

всички могат да правят такива само аз не мога ! :*(

Cotton Care says:

I am done with the couch I just nned to make a lot of other stuff, I mean a Lot

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