DIY small bathroom remodel: budget bathroom ideas

You’ll get lots of small bathroom decorating ideas in this video where I share how I helped a friend give his small half-bath a makeover with a budget of only $200. You’ll see how easy it is to install a Smart Tiles peel and stick backsplash, and how I managed to camouflage a very dated lighting fixture with a simple DIY cover. I also made a DIY over the toilet storage cabinet and finished off the makeover with a new vanity mirror and art. The whole thing cost $189, $11 under budget, and that includes the new mirror and wall art!

Here is the cost breakdown of the makeover:

Smart Tiles (Mosaik Capri Taupe – $43) :
Light Fixture: $14
Bathroom Cabinet: Building materials – $58 Chalk paint and wax Finish $26
Mirror: IKEA LANGESUND ($28):
Wall art – Target ($20):

You can also see how I upgraded the very dated bathroom lighting fixture for less than $15 in this video:

And in this video, you can see how I made the over the toilet storage cabinet:

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Rubi Samano says:

If you had a bigger budget what would you have done with the lighting fixture? Really curious – thx!

gloopgloopp says:

omfg!!! you’re an absolute genius.

travelling freak says:


agatvsia says:

OMG! You are more than creative!

Mommy Garcia says:

Damn girl you are great with hand tools !!! The bathroom looks great !!! New subbie here !!!

yourdreams realidad says:

i love your videos !!

lovelylouro says:

Beautiful as always! So do you recommend the Smart Tiles? How about as a kitchen backsplash? Thanks!

MM Mckenzie says:

really nice!!,Thank you

Carmen says:

wouldn’t it be easier to start with the small tie in the corner? You only would have to cut the last tile and it would’t be so tricky in the end?

katmcdowell says:

This is SO inspiring!!!!

asha vid`s says:

simply GENIUS

Heena Shah says:

What about size of area??

organicallygrown says:

great vid, are the splashbacks water resistant?



B Bobby says:


phenomenalgrl says:

I used these smart tiles in my 1/2 bathroom. Just like she did but without the edging. I didn’t even know the edging existed. No one has ever noticed that they’re not real tiles. For a small space they’re awesome. Warning: measure twice cut once before you stick the tile to the wall. Once you stick they adhere quickly and have really strong grip. There is no moving them once stuck. They will rip the paint off your walls.

KevinxDoll says:

I actually wasted time out of my day so I can let you know you’re dumb af

Kellie Westley says:


Love Rose says:

You did that!

Paula Figueiredo says:

Hi, where can I find the framed artwork that is in the bathroom?
Thanks in advance.

DINADIVA82 says:

would the peel and stick tile be a option for a renter? can it be removed?

mohammad afzal mohammad says:


Honest Comments says:

I watched a couple of your videos and i see a small obsession with those tiles. Is it a sponsor? You get percentage of sales or whats the deal?

ohaitherehello1 says:

That vocal fry though.

Mahendra doshi says:

Is it ok to have a bathroom door made to open outward

whytedaises says:

thank you, the layout is almost like mine..definitively needs a make over

Lu Cho says:

looks beautiful on youtube. . but not much closely. . of course you are poor. .. what you expect.

DaysFlyBy007 says:

Is Smart Tile removable? As a renter I can’t make permanent changes…

Misceláneos y Más says:

good job for the sink

Sriparna Gupta says:


Deborah Hopper says:

Good job, I love it!

M How says:

the 189 dollars included the new mirror as well?

Charmin M says:

Hi I’m staying in a Aprtment and I want to decorate my bathroom. If I use the tile. Is it removable without damaging the wall?

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