DIY Bathroom Decor | Wallpaper Medicine Cabinet


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b. DIY Rose Gold Vase & Florals:



In Stock from Wallpaper City in Santa Monica, CA:

Thank you guys so much for watching! I love me some leopard, some wallpaper, & when you combine the two – Match made in Heaven! Would you try something like this in your bathroom?

My sunburn though! So embarrassing.


Filmed & Edited by Vanessa Rud


Oh That's Them... says:

I just discovered your channel today and you’re already one of my favourite youtubers!

Alaa Tarabzouni says:


Poison King says:

did you guys go to the Vidcon?

Megan says:

Where did you get your amazing top/dress?

healthy cookinggg with shabby irfan says:

You are so beautifullllll

Logan Sweeny says:

Love it but maybe you should go back and line the shelves to the left with it? Or maybe that’d be too busy

Daphne Cornet says:

Which song(s) is/are playing in this video?

awink says:

can you do a house tour now that you have furniture in it please??? btw love your videos.

saisha vasudeva says:

What was the outro song?

Jessica Skok says:

I’m going to copy BOTH ideas right now!!

dusty says:

So simple, yet so AWESOME!!!

Graziaci andci says:

From Italy: ” You are a fabulous genius!!! Thank you very much!

Project VK-Ultra says:

Willie Nelson’s face looks like he thoroughly approves!

Cody Hays says:

Very easy 🙂 Personally, leopard is not my style. But wallpapering medicine cabinets definitely is! Love it.

That was so nice of the lady at the shop to do!! I love people like that.

Brittney Deskins says:

I love this❤️ and I love Mary! Also does anyone happen to know what song is in the background? I dig it!

Kim Ang says:

girl i’m loving your hair and the gingham!!!!

Juli Patchouli says:

Where do you get your music? Btw: Loved the leopard print 😉

snowmanluv says:

Your. Make up,looks really good.

MsHe1en says:

You are so fab!,

Nicole Marie says:

This looks so cute!

Funny J Mus says:

I really want her to do mine and my bffs room makeover we totally want redo our rooms. We feel like its not us. Does anyone know how much we can pay her if she does do it?

J Michele says:

Can you please give advise on how to decorate an oversized apartment patio/deck on a budget!?

Kendra Petigny says:

Skin care routine video?

Lauren Walker says:

your dress reminds me of the bath and body works bags! super cute!!

Hannah Eleanor says:

Walnut in WeHo gave me scraps for FREE once! I was a student at the time which was part of it! But I love a good wallpaper hook up!

Jessica Skok says:

Great idea! Love the board and decorations on top of the tank!! I’m going to copy that idea right now!!

shewasunderwhelmed says:

hah great wallpaper story. looks amazing…wish you had showed a bit more of how you had styled the bathroom too.

QueenBeeLizzy says:

Girl free stuff is the best stuff. Score!!! :-)))

Ella Actually says:

Well this just helped me figure out how to revamp my bathroom cabinets. You rock Mary!

AG says:

ME you’re so fab! Love this little diy.

Deborah M. says:

Love this idea, gotta give it a try for sure.

Salome Vogt says:

This idea is soo cute and adorable <3

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