Bathroom Shaving Shelf from Pallet Wood – How to

Here is a how-to/diy bathroom shaving shelf that I made out of pallet wood. It’s a simple project that anyone can make and I think looks great too! Basic tools and a little creativity are all that is needed for a project like this. I hope this might give you some ideas for any similar projects that you might be thinking about:) Thanks for watching!


I own 100% of the audio and visual content in this video. All music is created for this channel by my brother in law, Trey Harris. Thanks bro!


Adkins Mikkelsen says:

I just love your project. On WoodPriX I’ve found great wood instructions to make it too 🙂

Radka Sojcakova says:

I already have aplan for the weekend…thanks…a very big like..awesome

Alex G says:

Хоть у меня и борода…)) Но мне очень понравилось!!!

Frances Luck says:


حقي العبيدي says:

حلووو شغلك

Starr Stroh says:

Just go to woodprix website if you want to know how to make it yourself.

Pat Peter says:

Good job. very creative.

Star Karan says:

I know that woodprix has the best woodworking plans ever.

Stephen Lomas says:

The leather strap is actually called a strop.

Tomeka Pompey says:

I bought instruction from WoodPrix and I build it very very cheap.

mama27f says:

it’s really cool that you appreciate what your wife bought you that your taking the time out to do this.

patrick mcglone says:

you gotta be a total Dildo giving this a thumbs down. this is the best one built on goo-tube! I’m giving it a two Thumbs up. Great video and nice Job. consider me a subscriber. what kind of hinges did you use and stain color?

Nikos Karavas says:

!!!!!nice video,,

Raimundo Pombo says:

Muito retrõ kkkkkkkkkk

Alan gonçalves says:

muito legal…

Lisa Tetlow says:

Super cool nice job

Seekers Wisdom says:

nicely built and a very good video!

garfieldgurl says:

Amazing!!!! Love it!

ExtremeDIY says:

Super work!

Max Housein says:


Evgen Petsko says:

I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you’d like do the same


Great project! Love the vintage shaving gear.

colin smith says:

A gift for your wife! Some beard she must have oh boy

garth robertson says:

Stunning job. Well done sir

Sherryl Keith says:

If you want to know how to make it yourself, just look for wood prix instructions.

Jim P says:

Gotta build me one. Got a straight razor kit for Christmas and I need a good place to keep and display it! LOVE this build almost as much as the sunken green house.

M S says:

Do you have the plans and cut list published

Bryce MacLean says:

Perfect for the space and for a mans cabinet

Scottish NS Rail Fan says:


J. Harris says:

All I can say is WOW! That is so nice man, thanks for sharing

wongkl ren says:

that awesome bro

Ron Nieves says:

wow, this is awesome!!!

Tim Brouwer says:

Love seeing pallet wood re-purposed. Reminds me of when I found a pallet made of almost clear southern yellow pine. A real treat up here in Northern Ontario, where white pine is the norm…

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